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Hit refresh and dump your cache!

Is this site dying? Burk, your last update was 9/21/09 – Heck man, it is now October. You are too good a race reporter to just give us a taste every few weeks. Dead on – last update 9/16/09 – Getting Nostalgic last update 8/12/09 – on and on.... Sup here?

Earl Helm
Salt Lake City, Utah

Jeez Louise. We work our little fingers to the bone to get new information up at least five days per week, but you have to do your part and keep your computer working at peak condition. New columns are done once a month (except Burk’s Blast, which is updated whenever he has something to get off his chest), so you will have to wait for the new issue. Unfortunately, Jeff Utterback has left the magazine and that will be the final edition of Getting Nostalgic.

Formula for disaster?

Please give me a break. One car per team? How happy will the fans be when only eight or ten cars show up for an event? No Cory Mac, no Shawn Langdon, no Matt Hagan, no Hight, no Force Hood, no Neff, no Line, no Kurt Johnson.

You want our sport to be like Formula One. McLaren-Mercedes was fined the huge amount because they were caught with stolen technical data, not anything to do with competition. Their sport is one with just a handful of drivers that have a chance to win and is highly political in the decision process; a team's engine combination can be rendered obsolete with the wave of a pen. They are the originators of "team orders".

Malcolm Tuck
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Trying to hold it together

I can't even look at Hight since John let him win and get in the Countdown. Then Ashley smokes the tires! If he takes the championship I'll explode. It all stinks!

Tony Brand
Vancouver, Canada

Lighter than air?

How does NHRA justify Tony P winning the round when his body flew in the air? Don't they have to weigh after the run? It was off before he went to 1000'!

Ashley Force was 25 lbs light and was disqualified previously.


Don Sherwin