Volume X, Issue 8, Page 144

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Welcomes a changing of the guard

Oh my, that will be awesome to see Compton leave. Smith would hopefully install a former racer or at least a big fan to his management team. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Scott Smith
Tustin, California

A short drive

I can only hope you’re right and we can get some management who actually loves drag racing.

It is also my understanding that the Atlanta (Commerce), GA, NHRA track really still belongs to Jerry Brown (WJ’s old driver) and that NHRA rents the track, but that the city would like it for an industrial site. It’s only about 100 miles south to Atlanta Motor Speedway and a NEW dragstrip!

Bob Benson
Peachtree City, Georgia

Got a pair

Jeff, good column. You have the balls to say what you think without fear of reprisal. Sometimes you are right and sometimes you aren't, but you always tell it like you see it.

Tom Schiltz

Red flag

Jeff, since you are always outspoken about safety in drag racing, has it not occurred to you that standing in front of two high power cars waving a flag is not a good idea? It's not the 1950's - that's why they invented the Christmas tree!

Stop this stupid practice before someone gets killed and we have another lawsuit. I'm very surprised you have not spoken out against this. Again, you don't see the danger?

Ron Tursovsky
Reading, Pennsylvania

Keeping up with the Frances

Hey big guy, you are right on the money and I am proud of you for telling it like it is. I think the important point here is Marcus.  Bruton has a chance to set his boy up in a position that will never be attainable in NASCAR. No matter how much clout they have, the Frances always have the final say - not that Bruton isn't pushing them.

Your observations about Bruton making his point in building HIS track the way HE wants is to show NHRA he does not need them and truthfully he doesn't. Only problem is he will be in it just for the money and have the racers really gained anything? Only time will tell. I say it can't get any worse but let's hope not.

THANKS for laying it on the line. I think you are 100% correct.

Dave Bishop
Comp. Photos and East Coast Drag News
Easton, Maryland

Good question

Four wide drag strip? So a race car out of shape on the outside lane has three times the distance to get squared up with the opposite wall?

Dan Ehlers
Peshtigo, Wisconsin

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