Volume X, Issue 6, Page 156

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Right now the Pro classes, especially TF and FC, are the most non-competitive forms of racing on the planet. The Big Buck Teams dominate so it's always the same four or five drivers that win the majority of racers. Yawn - John Force, Ashley Force, Robert Hight, Mike Neff wins, so what - You could get a trained monkey to drive and win half the time. Why would anybody try to compete with very little chance of success? Any surprise that TF can't field 16 cars with the cost now mind numbing?

Make the racing more interesting and meaningful by changing the way things are done.

First, get rid of the present ladder system with 1 vs. 16 automatic win. Make the first round mean something.

Second, limit the menagerie of personnel on the starting line. Tire wipers, small boys, crew chiefs, wives, sponsors, tire biters and the like waste time and give the big teams an edge. Crew chief and two or three others maximum for any team. Make the teams be ready when they pull out from staging lanes.

Third, and I think most important, as said many times before, maximum of two cars per team owner, for any Pro class. If all the Force and Schumacher drivers qualified it would be like who cares who wins because all the completion is locked out.

NHRA could be going down the NASCAR path with the COT and race of personalities rather than race of "stock" cars. It won't be long before NASCAR is Toyota vs. Toyota boring. Won't happen? Indycar is already Honda vs. Honda with foreign drivers and how much do we care about the Indy 500 now?

If we don't have the big money teams throwing money and resources at titles maybe racing costs could stabilize. And if we give others a break and a chance at winning just maybe we will some real competition.

JD Moore
Los Angeles, California


I just drove a press vehicle from Detroit to Denver, and gasoline alone was $600.00. All through MI-IN-IL-MO-KS-CO, gas was $4.00, and diesel was $4.55 - $4.70 a gallon.

With the cost of travel, nitro, etc... I wonder how many T/F-F/C teams that have no hope of making the final 10 for the championship will make the western tour after the Denver race? I think at least four, maybe five teams may not make the trip. Maybe do some Midwest testing, and go to Indy for the "Big Show".

In fact...If your team does not have a sponsor contract that demands, you run those races... why would you go? Round money?

Your thoughts?

Eric Anderson
Los Angeles, California

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