Volume IX, Issue 9, Page 146


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Thanks for the GREAT coverage of our event in Buffalo and your gracious comments about the Oddy Gasser Shootout in addition to the financial support of the racers. The format was unique and truly a lot of fun to "Go Back In Time". Also, if I am forever to be known as the "Silver Wolverine" I have you to thank... So thank you... (I think)!

Harv Nayman
Gasport, New York


The U.S. Nationals, The Big Go, most prestigious race of the year! You'd think that would warrant 2 good lanes. It was all about lane choice. What a joke.

John G.
Chino, California


When will they DUMP Paul Page? Mister Excitement! Does he have teeth? Can’t tell from TV shots. Makes mistakes all day long, (only weather men get away with that) can’t get people's names correct, doesn't know drag racing period... I’m wearing out my MUTE button fast.

Jack Ditmars
South of Chicago, Illinois


Yes, limit the number of cars a team may have in one class. What will racing be like when the "Fortunate Four" will be from the same (one) team? Multiple cars from one conglomerate is lackluster from this fans opinion, they look and sound the same, no individuality. In a given sixteen car field, what’s exciting about three teams in half of the field?

Eric Strandberg
Paris, Illinois


I guess I find it odd that NHRA now thinks they have a say in the running of a multi-car multi-million dollar race team. Wonder if the NFL head shed will tell the teams how many passes can be thrown in a game and how many must be completed or else.

How many strikes and how many balls shall Roger the Rocket throw each game?

Rules must be made for safety and fairness, but the everyday operation of the team is kind of a business owner thing, is it not?

Business owners of any kind have enough folks from outside telling them how to do it, when to do it and how much it will cost to do it, and then pay taxes on it and insure it.

Life is about following orders I guess, and as long as we sign the check on the back, and the owner signs it on the front, we do as we are ordered.

As you said team orders are part of our world, might just as well accept it and get on with getting on.

Phil Scala
Billings, Montana

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