Volume IX, Issue 8, Page 127


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I read your article about Bob Smith's first run in the Untouchable jet car and your article stated it was run at Bakersfield.  Smith's first run in the Untouchable run was in the Los Angeles area although I can't remember which drag strip.  I was with the Infinity jet car when it crashed at Bonneville taking the life of my friend Glenn Leasher. On the way home from Bonneville, Romeo asked me if I would like to go to southern California with him as he had a commitment that weekend to race the car and some of his crew had quit after the tragedy at Bonneville. He had contacted Bob Smith, a well known top fuel driver, to drive the car and Bob said he would try it. As it's been said before "the rest is history."

Bill Kaska
Fremont, CA


Well, I made it over to Atlanta Motor Speedway again for the Friday Night DragS and we had at least 3,000 fans & 75-80 cars plus a "wheelstanding school bus," this along with some HOTTTIES throwing Hanes underwear into the stands. It’s getting to be a BIG thing!!!!!!! Lots of police around so NO more car thefts. Six more races left & just maybe Bruton will open a full fledged DRAG STRIP!!!!!!

Bob Benson
Peachtree City, GA


I could not agree more with Lee Beard and his opinion about needing a better show. I have been a fan for 52 years, have attended races at most tracks in California including about 150 meets in Southern California, and Saturday, July 28th, at Infinion, after maybe 5-6 fuel cars made it down the track in TWO sessions, I found myself wondering if I would bother to show up next year. I don't think I've ever been bored at the drags before, but this came close. I don't claim to know the answer but something needs to be done. No wonder I've become a real Pro Stock fan.

Rich Tassano
Stockton, CA


I have articles from the 60’s in drag racing magazines, asking: What wrong with drag racing? Citing no race coverage in the newspapers, or when will TV be in the future? Forty years later, everyone still wants to know? It’s not gonna happen in our lifetime (newspaper coverage). If you are a racer, keep chasing sponsorships, continue to put on a clean show, and look like a professional racer. And don’t expect the NHRA to make you money.... The IHRA and the ADRL are great spots to visit and make a change.... Wally holds all of the deposit slips.

Donald A. Spencer
Houston, TX


Don’t think NHRA’s supposed new owners have its best interest at heart. When Bruton Smith wanted to buy it he was told it wasn’t for sale. Now it is for sale really cheap. I think it would be better off if some heavy hitters such as Forrest Lucas, Evan Knoll, Don Schumacher and Connie Kalitta, to name a few, pooled their money together and made a larger counter offer. At least the NHRA would be owned by people that have an interest in its future and would not want to possibly sell off its assets for a profit. They would also retain the sportsman classes, after all, where are the pro drivers of the future going to come from if there is no sportsman class?

David Pierce
Little Rock, AR

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