Volume IX, Issue 7, Page 135


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Re: Agent 1320's comments on Ivo vs Garlits. Tommy ran into the back of Big's car when he couldn't see over his own engine. Garlits was so pissed that he's gone home to dream up some way of putting the engine behind the driver....

Ed Golden


Q & A

Just Wondering … Why wasn’t the Sport Compact series sold as part of the professional assets of the NHRA?

Answer: cause NOBODY wants the fartcans!! LOL!!

Jim Miller



I believe that Stock and Super Stock could be very popular if we threw away the shoe polish and run off the index the way it used to be. Sure would be more fun to watch for the spectators. I mentioned this on one of the forums and boy did I get burned by the bracket racers in class racing.

Just the way I see it. A lot more fun back in the ‘60s.

Harry Covert
Montesano, WA



I too am wondering why the potential 50% cut in the field sizes of sportsman racers has not generated much of a ripple! Perhaps many (most?) sportsman racers simply are tired of the current national event circus? Personally I would LOVE it if the NHRA expanded their current Sportsnational line up and made them the national event series for sportsman.

John Steffen
Littleton, CO



You just nailed it again. If NHRA pays ESPN to air the races, why would they let Del's wreck be aired over and over? How much was that ice cream again? Every time I see Hot Rod's white car it reminds me how little mainstream America cares about the sport of drag racing.

I've known for a long time that the “for life” thing didn't really mean for life. Nancy, the manager of Brown's Theater in Snohomish, Washington, kicked me out for life when I was in the sixth grade. That was about 48 years ago and I've been back a few times since. Maybe she didn't recognize me.

The Pro Stock Motorcycle riders would definitely call those moguls.

Just wondering. If they didn't show Del's wreck seventeen times and Cory Mac's wreck of over a year ago a few times and the first round of the Fuel guys and then the first and second round before the next round, would there be time for the final rounds of Pro Mod and the Alcohol cars? Here's another one, do we have to see every single Funny Car body be raised before every round?

Bruce Prater
Sandpoint, ID

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