Volume IX, Issue 11, Page 96


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1st: 1320 section and its writers are "GREAT."

2nd: Will Hanna's Oct. piece was right on. As a S/G and S/C racer the Div. races are very disappointing. It's not the turn out of the racers, it's that there is no turn out (fan in the stands). So the track is trying to make a big score on the Div. weekend. This is very understandable, but not on the racers backs.
An example was a friend got down to the last 3 cars (semis) and received a check for $200. Our entry fee was $150 + crew ($40). Now I realize were not here to make a living "BUT"? There were 94 entries and was down to 3 cars (this could be a story for Law and Order SVU)
So, Will was right on; it’s time the track owners and NHRA really need to address this problem.

Jim LaBorde
Division 5


I think ESPN coverage of NHRA sucks. I understand the "live" thing doesn't work, but the tape delayed coverage is constantly upstaged by women’s golf, tennis, softball, etc. etc. etc. And NHRA is paying them??!! Every other big name sport, i.e.: NFL, MLB, the networks pay them huge amounts for the rights to telecast.

The last straw was the Virginia race, we were out of town and did not program the VCR, I thought no problem, they always replay in the wee hours, I'll record it then. WRONG, at the time the NHRA website said it would be on it was NASCAR. No correction or explanation was ever given, we never saw the race.

I hope the new owners of NHRA fix this, or they will never move forward. NHRA is the biggest auto racing sanctioning body in the world, why can't we get the proper coverage?

Brian Cowdrill
Carbondale, Illinois


"I never thought I'd say this new Countdown deal really worked.” Schumacher on being the beneficiary of NHRA’s new Countdown points system

Yeah and if he was in Rod Fuller shoes he would be the first one crying about how bad it was for the sport. Truth is Fuller is the true champion this year...period!

Tom Drake
Charlotte, North Carolina


What a disappointment the Countdown to One was!

No offense to those crowned champions but IMNHO none of them were the real season long champions. With careers made or lost with a championship win I believe Rod Fuller, Anderson and Ron Capps got robbed. Under the old points system they would have won.

The new Countdown format may be great for TV and revenue but it sucks for the racers who dominate all year and then have a slip-up or two in the final races. A championship should be based on a team’s performance for the entire season - as it has always been in the past. They can keep the Countdown...

That's my opinion.

Jorge Meister
New York City, New York

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