The big and heavy trucks have a home in Detroit Locker Truck & Lightning with a stellar 17-truck showing for the first race. Like last year, Randy Conway began the season with a class victory. This time, he beat Jimmy Cantrell as he begins his title defense. Coincidentally, he was the only one of three 2016 series champions to claim a victory during the season opener. 

Roush Performance Super Stang had no shortage of fast-paced 2005 and newer Mustangs but the fixed dial-in category came down to Kent Nine and Levi Wendell. Nine took his first class win, after going winless in 2015, while behind the wheel of the Brenspeed 2015 Roush Mustang.

The third defending champion to begin his title defense with a season-opening victory was Danny Towe with his Harland Sharp 1970 Mustang, competing in Ford Muscle. He faced Bryan Parker—who red-lit in the final—and drove into the Aerospace Components Winner’s Circle with ease.

Cal Hayward

An amazing 140+ QA1 True Street competitors entered the category on Saturday as the streets of Bradenton were taken over by high-performance vehicles. Cal Hayward took the Overall win with a 7.94 average, while Jeff Bloem was the Overall runner-up. Also on the winner’s list are William Lujan (9-second), Bill Dudley (10-second), Bill Lee Jr. (11-second), Mike Baker (12-second), Carlos Mendes (13-second), Mary Mamen (14-second), and Gary Clempa (15-second).

Included in all NMRA events is the Race Pages Magazine Bracket Challenge with two types of eliminators. Larry Meray won Bracket 1 (Super Pro), Manny Sousa took the win in Bracket 2.