In the lead up to the event a lot was made of Rachelle Splatt’s return from a ten year hiatus. She was interviewed on national television and made quite a splash in the week leading up to the event. I think that had a lot to do with the good number of spectators arriving in the stands. That said, she hadn’t made a lap until the Wednesday before the event and on that day the ambient temperature was around 107 degrees. Still, with the help of NHRA tuners Ron Douglas and Mike Domagala, they got the OVO Mobile (cell phone to you) sponsored dragster down the track.

Talking of Americans, Dom Lagana was bought out by Santo Rapisarda to drive one of three Rapisarda Motorsports International fuel cars with Lee Beard also accompanying him to do the tuning.

In all some 15 complete engines were prepared for the weekend by Santo’s two sons, Santo Jnr and Santino, and crew. Other RMI drivers were current Australian IHRA Top Fuel champion, Westralian Damien Harris and local yokel, Wayne Newby.