Graeme Cowin makes a last minute tuning adjustment to Rick Gauci’s ’57 Chevrolet just before the car staged for the final. He was to win the race, the event and as can be seen set low ET and top speed of the meet as Gauci explains. “We had a great event, we won all three rounds but it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. In the second round, we had a gearbox issue, which meant we had to make a ratio change for the final pass of the night. Graeme (Cowin) made some changes to the tune-up and again he proved he is the wizard – it went like a rocket! We reset the National ET record 5.575sec at mph record at 264.13 - who needs a data logger when Graeme Cowin is making the calls.”

It certainly was the night for the ’57 Chevrolets with second generation racer Shane Olive taking second spot on the night with three wins. This saw him face the beautiful “Beach Bomb” Camaro of Westralian driver, Andrew Katavatis in the first frame and though the sand groper grabbed a slight lead Olive had him covered at the other end – 5.829 to a 6.058. Round two saw a second match up with Katavatis and this time round the Camaro shook off the line allowing an improving 5.720 through. Olive knew that to have any chance of winning the event that he had to set low ET of the night so it was an all-out effort against New Zealand opponent, Morice McMillan. Despite winning a close race 5.762 to 5.798 his speed of 183.99 showed the car slowed towards the finish-line putting him out of contention for that low elapsed time mark as he explains. “That Nitro Express Chev is such a beast! We did our best and to have my family including my mum and dad (owners of the original Red Devil), my beautiful wife and kids all watching was amazing. It’s always great to race at home!”