SHRA at Kennedale, Texas

Longhorn Nostalgia Nationals

The appropriately named SHRA stop in Kennedale, Texas, had more than just nostalgia drag racing fans looking on as this Texas Longhorn kept an eye on the action.  

The Southwest Heritage Racing Association was part of the action at the Longhorn Nostalgia Nationals at Texas Raceway in Kennedale, Texas, on Aug. 27.

With only two more events after this one, the points battles are getting close and very serious. The next events are Sept. 10 at Wichita Falls, Texas, and Oct. 1 in Denton, Texas.

The SHRA family suffered a terrible loss during Friday's Test N Tune sessions when Alkydigger NE2 racer Ron Muncy lost his life after a crash in his beautiful Altered.  It put a somber mood on the event the following day but we raced on in memory of Ron Muncy just as he likely would have wanted us to do.