Holley National Hot Rod Reunion at Bowling Green, KY

It was worth the trip for Sorokin

Two California racers met in the Nostalgia Top Fuel final with Adam Sorokin (far lane) getting the win over Jim Murphy. The covered grandstands make it much more pleasant for the fans.

The 2016 Holley National Hot Rod Reunion June 16-18 at Beech Bend Raceway Park was a barn burner in more ways than one. Although the weather looked suspect early in the week with thunderstorms drenching the facility, Thursday's opening day of on-track action brought sunny skies and plenty of heat with temperatures in the upper 90's.

Even so, the Top Fuel cars were in the 5.60's in the first session and with 12 cars on hand for an eight-car show the fans were in for a treat. With cooler weather on Friday Jimmy Young's 5.665 was surpassed by Adam Sorokin's 5.641 in the Champion Speed Shop entry before Tony Bartone locked in the top spot with a 5.60 shot in the final session. With Roland Leong calling the shots Murphy closed out the top half with a 5.700 followed by the Ricks, Williamson at 5.747 and White at 5.815.

Roland “The Hawaiian” Leong was on hand, tuning Jim Murphy’s dragster.

Brendan Murry at 6.101 and Tim Cullinan rounded out the field at 6.101 and 6.253 respectively, but neither would be able to return on race day. Murry hurt parts and also brushed the wall lightly while Cullinan had his auto-shutoff device trigger itself during the run and shut off the fuel with the end result being a broken motor.