Pro Street Blown was the province of Carl Cox in his turboed 420 cube Ford Cortina. This saw the popular music DJ top qualify with a 7.152 and make his way all the way to the final where he faced Rob Owen’s 383 Chev-powered Holden Torana. There it was a pretty one sided contest when the Victorian racer took the lead off the line and used a 7.649 to a second best 9.107.

The largest field at the race was to be found in the DYO bracket with 24 starters with over a four-second plus range of dial-ins. At the end of the day it came down to a tussle between the blue race cars of Moustafa Sakina in his 13B Rotary-powered Mazda RX7 and Jim Denaro in his 302 Windsor-powered Ford Capri. Denaro was able to grab eight hundredths off the line and, despite being pushed to a double break out, his .0019-under 9.860 was more than enough to turn back a worse .0181-under 8.40 loss.