Outlaw Fuel Altereds at San Antonio

Dawson's Dominance Secures 2016 Championship

Event winner and 2016 OFAA Champion, Raymond Dawson.

The Outlaw Fuel Altered Association has had quite a year in its special 20th Anniversary season and the Championship battle, as in so many years past, came down to the elimination rounds of the final event to see who would be crowned king.

Entering the OFAA Championship Finals contested at San Antonio Raceway on Saturday, Oct. 22, Raymond Dawson's "High Octane" blown alcohol entry tuned by Danny Wright led the standings by just nine points. The "Sundown" nitro burning machine owned by Tom Wood and driven by Nick Poloson sat second and at their hometown race, looked to knock Dawson off his pedestal and claim the title in front of their hometown crowd. Those precious Lone Star Forklift points would be hard earned in this one as a nine-car field was ready for action under the lights in Texas.


1. Mark Billington (Prosper, Texas) - 4.005 (3.994)

2. Mary Reep (Austin, Texas) - 4.007 (3.992)

3. Raymond Dawson (Nevada, Texas) - 4.010 (3.990)

4. Donny McSwain (Rockwall, Texas - 4.016

5. Jimmy Jones (Cleburne, Texas) - 4.05

6. Nick Poloson (San Antonio, Texas) - 4.06 (3.93)

7. Donnie Massey (Little Elm, Texas) - 4.07 (3.92)

8. Eric Buchanan (Justin, Texas) - 4.12 (3.87)

9. Larry Bradford (San Antonio, Texas) - 6.07

After tabulating points after the completion of qualifying, Dawson had extended his points lead by three to a twelve heading into first round competition. This meant Dawson would have to lose his first round match up, while Poloson must not only win his round but win the event to earn enough points to take the title.