In addition to the cars entered in the wheelie contest there was also a huge number of racers who were entered in the more traditional classes there were ten more classes where wheelstands didn’t pay but winning the race did.

More than 10,000 spectators and over 300 racecars crowded into historic Byron Dragway for the one-day only racing and wheelstander competition with a $60,000 purse! Wheelstanding competition may not be drag racing but the drivers are certainly competing in cars that are real racecars and when the wheelstand competition is over you can find many of the same cars entered in one of the bracket classes.

This race also featured drag racing for Pro Mods on the eighth mile, Top Sportsman and Outlaw Super Stocks on the quarter, and bad fast Street Bikes.

Wheelstander Action

Canadian racer Rob Lacroix’s “wall banger” after is a classic demonstration of the skill required both before and after a competition wheelstand. (Michelle Simmons photo)