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You may have been wondering where the quiz has been for the last two or three months. Well, we just have two phrases that entered the old Quizster’s world recently and you will understand: Tequila shots and a beer 50-cent happy hour from noon ‘til six at the “Cooler,” a lounge close to the Phlegm Building and the Betty Ford Clinic. You guys figure it out.  In the meantime here is a quiz sent by the Quizster from either California or the Cooler. We can’t read the address.

1. In 1968 the American Motor Car Co. had a factory-backed Ramber Rebel racecar. Who did the factory hire to tune that car which was driven by Hayden Proffitt?
A: Richard (Don’t call me Dick) Maskin C: (I’m Famous) Amos Satterlee
B: Bill (Call me Grumpy) Jenkins D: Carrol Caudle

2. Back in the glorious magazine days of the late 1960s guys from both the editorial and the sales side could often be found racing cars at National events. At the ‘68 Winternationals a couple of current or future magazine guys/racers finished as winner and runner-up at that  race in Stock Eliminator. Who were they?

A: John Diana and Ro McGonegal C: Jim Davis and Steve Collison
B: Dave Wallace and Jon Asher D: Jim McFarland and John Barkley
3. If more than 20 nitro Funny Cars trying for 16 spots show up on Friday it is considered a large field at any NHRA event these days.  How many AA/FC showed up at the 1970 NHRA Winternats and who was the number one qualifier
A: 60+ cars, #1 qualifier Danny Ongais
C: 40+ cars, # 1 qualifier Gene Snow
B: 50+ cars, #1 qualifier Dick Bourgeois D: 30+ cars ,#1 qualifier  Ed McCulloch
4. 1984 was a banner year for Pro Stock competition in the International Hot Rod Association. Among those who ran a full IHRA and sometimes a full NHRA schedule too were the late Lee Shepard, current Pro Mod hitter Rickie Smith, Joe Lepone and Roy Hill.  That year Shepard in his Reher-Morrison Chevy thoroughly dominated the class in wins and performance except for one category; the speed record was held by another driver. Who was that driver and what was the record speed?
A: Jim Ruth, 186.57 C: Joe Lepone, 185.23
B: Roy Hill, 189.07 D: Rickie Smith,185.56

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Congratulations to our November quiz winner, Jerry Bouchelle, who was the first to answer four out of five questions correctly!


1. C. NASCAR’s first Winternationals was held on Daytona Beach at night in 1950.
2. A: John Force
3. C: Don Garlits
4. C: 4
5. D: 8