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Evidently the Quizster had a bad month in July, as we here at the office saw neither hide nor hair of him, and no quiz found its way into the Phlegm Building’s mayo jar. But he must be better, as we got a quiz today printed on the back of a paper napkin from the Betty Ford Rehab Center.

#1 September 2011 will mark the 50th time the U.S. Nationals will be held at Indianapolis Raceway Park (ORP to you O’Reilly folks). At the 1961 version, a relatively unknown racer from Georgia by the name of Pete Robinson won the AA/D title, beating Tom McEwen. In those days the Top Eliminator had to beat other class cars. Who did Robinson beat for the Top Eliminator title?
A: Tom McEwen C: Don Garlits
B: Dean Moon D: Fred Zipp
#2 There was a famed Texas AA/D racer that came to the ’61 Nationals and did something that shocked the drag racing world. On the burnout, his tires actually melted the starting line asphalt. Who was that racer?
A: Jack Moss C: Eddie Hill
B: Prentiss Cunningham D: Bobby Langley
#3 In 1968, fuel funny cars competed at the Winternationals in the Super Eliminator division in the S/XS.  Which driver of a fuel funny had the low ET for the floppers with a time and speed of 7.81/180.00?
A: Gene Snow
C: Mike Thermos
B: Ray Alley D: Ron Leslie
#4 At that same event, who was the winner of the Comp Eliminator division?
A: Gene Snow C: Marv Clarke
B: Jess Van DeVenter D: Jim Oddy
#5 In 1968, the AHRA also held a Winternationals event at the famed Long Beach track. They had a class they called FX/Fuel Eliminator for funny cars of the period. Who won that class?
A: Don Nicholson C: Junior Brogdon
B: Gene Snow D: Jim Liberman

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Congratulations to our May quiz winner, Grant Bittner, who was the first to answer all 5 questions correctly!


1. A: The Kenner SSP Twin Chevy dragster
2. D: Jim Bucher
3. A: Mike and Louie Cavalieri
4. C: Don Hampton
5. C: Jeff Burk