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Well, the old Quizster has noticed that even though they have yet to run a race, the new American Hot Rod Association has a schedule of events for the 2010 season that includes racing for Fuel Funny Cars. So, because the old Quizster was an AHRA regular early in his career this month’s quiz will be based upon the records and accomplishments of racers who competed in the old AHRA.

#1 Everyone knows that the NHRA held its first Nationals at Grand Bend, Kansas, in 1955, but did you know that the AHRA held its own World Championships at that same facility beginning from 1956 to 1960? Who was the Top Eliminator winner of that first AHRA World Championship? 
A: Don Garlits/Art Malone C: Karamesines/Maynard
B: Cook and Bidwell D: B.J. Rutledge
#2 The AHRA started naming Top Fuel World Champs in 1970 and continued to do so through 1984. Don Garlits dominated this sanctioning body’s Top Fuel class like no racer did before or since.

How many times did Garlits win the AHRA Top Fuel Champion title?

A: 12 C: 5
B: 10 D: 8
#3 Drag racing historian Chris Martin gives the AHRA credit for developing the class known as Nitro Funny Car. Who was the last AHRA Funny Car World Champ?
A: Pat Foster
C: Raymond Beadle
B: Don Prudhomme D: John Force
#4 The old AHRA featured all oprofessional classes including Pro Stock, and in 1969 named its first Pro Stock World Champion. Who was that masked man?
A: Arlen Vanke C: Greg Kimball
B: Matt Johnson D: Jerry Haas
#5 The recent 32 AA/FC qualified field at the fabled March Meet at Bakersfield, CA has created a big buzz in the drag racing world. Well,

32-car fields of Funny Cars were something that the AHRA had back in the day. In fact they had a 32-car Funny Car Eliminator at their ’68 Winternationals at the legendary Lions Dragway. Who won that race?

A: Gene Snow C: Don Schumacher
B: “Jungle Jim” Liberman D: Dickie Harrell

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Congratulations to our March quiz winner, Chris Horn, who was the first to answer 4/5 questions correctly! Below are the March answers.


1. C, Rickie Smith, 2. B, North Carolina, 3.C, Dave Chenevert, 4. B, Herm Petersen, 5. A, Piedmont Dragway.