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What next? The Winternationals are tucked into print for the 50th time and the Arizona race staggered to a halt. I’m stuck thematically, so I’ll fall back on geography. We’ll keep the questions in the southeastern part of the country, chums and chum-ettes. Here goes.

#1 This Pro Stock and Pro Mod great has a pro racing son, and originally hailed from  King, North Carolina. Born on Christmas Day, in fact. He is …
A, Lee Edwards C, Rickie Smith
B, Ronnie Sox D, Roy Hill
#2 IHRA held its first national event in
A, South Carolina C, Florida
B, North Carolina D, Tennessee
#3 NHRA’s first southeastern national event (leaving aside Flagler Beach) was at Gainesville Raceway in 1970. The Top Fuel winner was
A, Jimmy King
C, Dave Chenevert
B, Don Garlits D, Leroy Goldstein
#4 The first West Coast driver to win Top Fuel at the Gainesville Gatornationals was
A, James Warren C, Steve Carbone
B, Herm Petersen D, Gary Cochran
#5 Roy Hill’s Pro Drag Racing School is now based out of Rockingham Dragway. Before that it was housed at
A, Piedmont Dragway C, Farmington Dragway
B, Atlanta Dragway D, Mt. Pilot Wildcat Hot Rod Drag Strip

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Congratulations to our February quiz winner, Ryan Casillas, who was the first to answer 5/5 questions correctly! Below are the February answers.


1. A, 1965 Winternationals, 2. A, 1987 Molson Grandnational, 3.A, Clay Millican, 4. A, "Blue Thunder", 5. A, Glen