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I was really going to stay retired. I don’t like to work. I’d rather get bailouts. But I went over to Burk’s house one day to borrow some mustard plaster and next thing I know I’d been shanghaied. Locked in the windowless downstairs bedroom with just a TV, bed, toilet, and uncooked frozen dinners slid under the door. O the horror!!!! “American Idol” (Geezus!!) “I’m the Fattest Loser” (Bleeccch!!) “Are You Sexier Than a Fifth Grader”(Rrrretch!!), Howie Long on 50 times in six hours. Endless re-runs of “Mash” … PLEASE GOD, MAKE IT ALL STOP.

"Martin, crank out a quiz and I’ll let you change your shorts.”

A leap through the suddenly opened door. A return to Valley Village and this your first quiz for 2010 and maybe the last if the scars don’t heal soon.

#1 Don Prudhomme’s first NHRA win occurred at the …
A, 1965 Winternationals C, 1963 U.S. Nationals
B, 1964 World Finals D, 1966 Springnationals
#2 John Force’s first win came at the …
A, 1987 Molson Grandnational C, 1987 Keystone Nationals
B, 1986 Chief Nationals D, 1989 Winternationals
#3 The lowest Top Fuel ET in IHRA quarter-mile Top Fuel history was a 4.48 and run by …
A, Clay Millican
C, Paul Romine
B, Doug Herbert D, Shirley Muldowney
#4 In the 1990s, popular New York Funny Car racer Jerry Caminito ran a series of Funny Cars under the name of …
A, "Blue Thunder" C, "Twilight Zone"
B, "Holeshot" D, "The Brooklyn Bomber"
#5 Now here’s the easiest one. Don Garlits’ middle name is
A, Glen C, Evan
B, Alan D, Julio

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Congratulations to our January quiz winners, Bill Cummerow, JD Culbertson, Greg Lovell, John Largent and Robert Butts, who were the first to answer 6/7 questions correctly! Below are the January answers.


1. B, Don Garlits, 2. D, James Warren , 3. A, 1967, 4. D, 5.37, 5. C, Don Garlits, 6. C, 1959, 7. D, The Smokers