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This month the quizster was inspired to do his job thanks to the tardiness of the ESPN broadcast of the Saturday qualifying session of the second last NHRA National Event at Virginia Motor Sports Park. The show was supposed to come on the air at 10:00 PM CST. The quizster had the cooler full of adult beverages and a extra large bowl of popcorn. At the appropriate hour (10:01PM he turned to the ESPN2 channel anticipating the sight of and dulcet tones from Paul Page only to find out his drag racing was pre-empted by a football game, followed by a baseball show. At midnight the quizster had consumed all of the booze and eaten a ton of popped corn and still no drag racing. To retain his sanity he turned to working on this months quiz and had another hour and a half wait until the drag came on the air. Here’s this months quiz.

#1 Who was the first woman driver in drag racing history to get to a final round on the Fuel Funny Car class?
A, Della Woods C, Shirley Muldowney
B, Paula Martin D, Ashely Force-Hood
#2 Who was the only driver to be in both the Crager Five-second and Four-second Top Fuel Dragster club?
A, Don Garlits
C, Gary Beck
B, Jimmy Nix D, Frank Bradley
#3 Who is the first Woman to drive a Top Fuel Car to a 300mph lap?
A, Rachelle Splatt
C, Lori Johns
B, Shirley Muldowney D, Shelly Anderson
#4 Who is the first Women to win an Eliminator in NHRA Competition?
A, Barbara Hamilton
C, Shirley Muldowney
B, Shirley Shahan D, Amy Faulk
#5 What driver owns the career best won-lost record in Pro Catagories
A, Bob Glidden C, Tony Schumacher
B, John Force D, Angelle Sampey
#6 Who is the first African American driver to win a Pro Class?
A, Malcom Durham C, JR Todd
B, Tony McCallum D, Antron Brown

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Congratulations to our September quiz winner, William Tickle, who was the first to answer 4/5 questions correctly! Below are the September answers.


#1 - C, McEwen, #2 - D, 7 years, #3 - D, Judy Lilly, #4 - D, Dale Pulde, #5 - A, Bob Glidden