‘Twas the night before Christmas and there was snow all over the track.
Not an engine was running, not even a crisp throttle crack.
The trailers all buttoned up, racecars put away with such care
In the hopes that the 2011 race season would soon be there.

The racers were tucked and all snuggled in their beds
While visions of round wins and trophies all danced in their heads.
Mama in bed eyeing the six-shooter,
That look on her face saying, “just shut off that computer.”

The season was over months ago she said
But all the runs I saw with killer numbers still fresh in my head.
She can’t understand and calls me a silly fool
But all I want to do is watch Funnies, Pro Mods and, hell yeah, Top Fuel.

When from the website YouTube I heard a familiar sound,
A nitro motor firing on all eight and shaking the ground.
A replay of the Pomona Final, it was a wonderful sight
Watching Force and Hagan put on one hell of a fight.

Dixon went 12 and 0 in finals, stopped the Shoe at 6 straight.
Winternationals are only 64 days away, I can hardly wait.
The year went by so fast, it was just way too quick.
I wonder what the racers will ask of Saint Nick?

Will Force get Coil back? If he does, how long will he stay?
Think Schumacher still wonders how AJ got away?
Greg Anderson needs a new trailer and race car as well,
I’ll bet more fire insurance would also be swell.

Cory Mac needs a ride, Fram and the Don showed him the door.
Jeggie needs a break so he’s a Pro Stocker no more.
Ashley and Danny want the pitter-patter of little feet.
Oh goody, another Force on ESPN – won’t that be a treat!

I’m sorry Dunn but Page has to go…
Get someone in there who has a clue and also one who may know
How to say the racers’ names and not sound like a tool.
Send him back to the X-Games, they can have the silly fool!

ESPN, one more small request, I don’t like to whine
No more dog shows or basket weaving championships would do me just fine.
Qualifying and race day coverage would be great.
Staying up ‘til 3 am?  It ain’t worth the wait!

Enjoy some turkey and fixin’s or perhaps a nice ham.
Will someone please slap Polburn and Skooter for the mistake Nitro Jam
Bring back qualifying, and points, it would be out of sight
Still racing the 1320 is the only thing they got right.



Bring back alky, Pro Mods, and Nitro Funny,
It’s not like old Feld ain’t got the money.
Maybe the IHRA needs Mr. Bader to be the man,
When he ran the show it was packed in the stands.

Santa, please fix the cars, it’s just not the track  
Us old diehards want the 1320 back.
But check your list, I’m on the good list you will see.
Make the 2011 race season the best it can be.

Get rid of the Chase, this ain’t no stick and ball sport.
Stop sugarcoating things for the fans, don’t sell us all short.
We know what is racing and are a pretty smart bunch
Don’t follow NASCAR! Crazy I know, but it is just a hunch.

This is getting too long and I must bring it to a close.
Santa, leave the Burkster a few beverages, I suppose.
He is good at what he does and tells it like it is,
Check out Burk’s Blast, the words are all his.

May your holidays be all that you want them to be
With gifts, friends, family and a nice Christmas tree.
It’s that time of year so go ahead and have another beer.
Most of all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.