Occasionally, we run some poetry here at Drag Racing Online. Chris Martin has written a few poems. Ian Tocher also wrote a Christmas poem that got some good reviews from our readers. Lately we've been getting submissions from our friend Bob Fisher. Bob is the originator of the famous Nitro Fish you see on all the T-shirts. He is also a long time friend of John Force and worked on that team for better than two decades. You may not know it, but he is also a poet and over the years we have read a lot of his stuff -- most of which can't be released or read by the general non-racing public. But recently he sent us the following poem about Don Schumacher's team and we like it enough to publish it. In fact, Chris Martin has said he may have more poetry, so we decided to make it an occasional department.

Got a poem you'd like to submit? Email it to poems@racingnetsource.com. We'll read it and if we like it, we will publish it. Remember the title to the department is "No Rhyme, No Reason, No Pay," so don't expect any and we won't either. -- Jeff Burk

Alan of One

By Bob Fisher

The cry went out from Chi-town Don:

We need us a win if we expect to go on

We got enough money, parts and crew,

We just need someone to show them the right things to do.

Tony said, "Hey, Pa, who shall we get?

I got someone in mind but I ain't talked to him yet."

"Come on, Pa, gimme a hint," Tony said.

And Don said, "Okay, he's been helping Jim Head."

"Holy cow," Tony yelled, "Alan Johnson? You think he'd come?"

The three-time Winston champ we might win and it would be fun.

Don said, "I don't know, but I'll give him a call

And if he does come it would be a good thing for us all."

So Don made the call; A.J. said yes

But there wasn't any time for the new tuner to test.

They took the car to the track where the work was all done

Then it was Friday and time for the first run.

Testin' a new tune up is usually the rule

But A.J. told Don not to worry, everthing's cool.

So they warmed it up. Everything was fine

And 90 minutes later they were up on the line.

A tidy little 4.60 with no damage done

And a couple laps later they ran 4.51.

Sunday's race was a lesson for sure

And the Army's back on the championship tour

'Cause a tuner named A.J. took this car and won

And from here on out he'll be known as "the Alan of One."



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