Mickey Thompson announced today the availability of its next generation tire from the ET Street Radial line - the ET Street R - engineered for the drag strip, but D.O.T. approved for the street.

The ET Street R (R is for race) delivers incredible traction for high-powered applications and utilizes ET Street Radial Pro technology and the proven R2 compound in the radial tire sizes. Bias ply options for hard core manual transmission and Pro Street applications are specially engineered with the track-tested M5 compound with the exception of the big 34X18.50-16LT size which uses the proven X5 compound.

“The ET Street R is an exciting addition to our drag tire lineup,” stated Jason Moulton, Product Development Manager at Mickey Thompson. “We’ve combined the best of everything with the ET Street R to create a tire that performs incredibly well on the strip and is also perfect for dry pavement street use.”

The ET Street R is offered in 13 popular 15- to 18-inch sizes including eight radial sizes and five bias ply sizes. Visit for more information.


Nothing says Hot Rod like the BDS Stage 2 - 871 supercharger and this recently upgraded version provides superior performance, durability and adaptability.

Manufactured using a completely NEW highly polished case assembly with BILLET rotors and plates. These blowers have and remain a staple for high performance street machines, bracket racing, marine and other “dirty environment” applications. BDS, CNC machines their rotors from solid billet aluminum which are then, along with the interior of the case, hard anodized for maximum strength and efficiency. The blowers are capable of producing 15 pounds of boost and more on engines turning in excess of 7500 RPM using high octane gas. BDS prides themselves on their “in-stock in real time” status on the industry’s largest selection of supercharger kits and associated hardware.

For complete details on the entire line of 471, 671, 871 and 1071 BDS blowers, EFI and other high performance components visit them at or call direct to 562-693-4302.

Dillon Manufacturing Features 1018 Steel Jaws from 1 1/2" to 10 Inches Tall are Ideal for Race Shop Machining

DMI Series H extra high chuck jaws from Dillon Manufacturing provide extended jaws lengths with heights available to 10-inches tall, and are ideal for the varied demands of race shop machining. The longer lengths can provide greater work piece stability, plus multiple uses of the blank before it is consumed. The extra length also allows the machinist to avoid additional time and costs associated with the welding and bracing needed to lengthen a standard height top jaw. Manufactured from 1018 steel, 4140 steel, or 6061 aluminum, these extra high jaws are available in all standard chuck mounting styles. DMI Series H, extra high jaws are ideal for precision boring, tapping, drilling and finishing.

With production capabilities to produce large runs of special jaws with the same speed and accuracy as small runs, Dillon is uniquely qualified to handle any jaw manufacturing request. Their applications department routinely works with customers to modify jaws from an extensive catalog of existing designs, or manufacture custom jaws from supplied customer specs/drawings. Dillon uses optical checking to check for more than just simple dimensions. Length and width measurements, for example, can be quickly obtained from two separate measurements by using a micrometer. These superficial measurements, however, might not reveal burrs, scratches, indentations or undesirable machined characteristics of a part. Such imperfections are detected on the DMI comparator.

ISO registration insures a solid quality management system that is capable of producing consistent, high quality jaws at competitive prices.

Dillon Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures a complete line of standard and custom workholding solutions including chuck jaws, chucks, vises jaws, soft jaws, hard jaws, collet pad jaw systems, chuck lubrication, and more. With ample production capacities and processes, Dillon can manufacture large production runs of special jaws with the same speed and accuracy as the smaller production lots. All products are made in the USA and Dillon is ISO 9000:2008 registered. For additional information visit, e-mail, call (800) 428-1133, or write Dillon Manufacturing, Inc., 2115 Progress Drive, Springfield, OH 45505.