Eastwood Launches New 2-Component 650F Engine Paint Aerosols

The Eastwood Company has launched High Temperature 2K AeroSpray Ceramic Engine Paints – the next generation of aerosol engine paints. Available in popular OEM colors and universal colors, Eastwood's 2K AeroSpray Engine Paints feature two-component (2K) catalyzed ceramic paints in an aerosol can that resist temperatures up to 650F. 2K paints are more durable than air-dry paints, typically found in aerosol cans.

The unique can design of 2K AeroSpray Engine Paints features an internal bladder that contains the catalyst, which is surrounded by the non-activated engine paint. To use, a button on the bottom of the can pierces the internal bladder and releases the catalyst into the paint. Once activated, the can has a 48-72 hour shelf life.

“If you've just spent thousands of dollars building your engine, why would you finish it with an inexpensive auto parts store paint that will likely not hold up,” said Nick Capinski, Eastwood's Content Manager. “Eastwood's 2K AeroSpray Engine Paints are the correct colors and will hold up to the extreme conditions under the hood.”

Featuring a wide fan pattern nozzle, 2K AeroSpray applies with a pattern similar to a paint gun and covers up to 5x more than conventional aerosol cans. Eastwood 2K AeroSpray Engine Paint is available in popular OEM and universal colors, and also a high temperature gloss clear, high temperature matte clear, and an engine primer.

Eastwood markets unique tools and supplies for repair, restoration, and modification of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Founded in 1978, Eastwood constantly strives to develop new products to serve the home automotive hobbyist, as well as individuals and organizations focused on the restoration and preservation of automobiles and motorcycles. Contact Nick Capinski – ncapinski(at)eastwood(dot)com or 610-705-5404 for additional information and images.

Complete Nitrous Systems for Chevrolet & GM Applications

Take your Chevy or GM street machine to the next level with a complete nitrous system from ZEX. Our innovative designs and custom-fit systems are easy to install and optimized for maximum performance.

ZEX designs and manufactures truly superior nitrous systems and related components. We integrate advanced engineering technology with excellent customer service to provide you with the ideal nitrous solution for any GM application. Explore ZEX Nitrous Systems and increase the performance of your Chevy or GM application.

For more information, visit www.zex.com.

Mickey Thompson Introduces ET Drag Pro Drag Radial 29.5/9.0R15

Mickey Thompson continues to expand the popular ET Drag Pro Drag Radial tire line with the addition of the new 29.5/9.0R15, #3058R to replace the current #3056R. Developed for Stock Eliminator class competitors, the new size offers low rolling resistance and longer life for consistent ET’s.

“Stock Eliminator class racers will love the new 29.5/9.0R15,” stated Jason Moulton, Product Development Manager, Mickey Thompson. “These tires have been engineered for quick, consistent ET’s and longer life with little or no burnout required.”

Considered by many to be the fastest performer on the strip for automatic transmission vehicles, the ET Drag Pro Drag Radial is engineered for maximum traction for consistent ET’s, low rolling resistance, and zero growth for predictable gear ratios. Additional new sizes are coming soon. For details and a complete list of sizes, visit www.mickeythompsontires.com/strip.php?item=ETDragRadial.