Holley Mighty Mite Electric Fuel Pumps

Holley is proud to introduce the all new Holley Mighty Mite electric fuel pumps.

They’re big on performance, but small in size & price. They’re quiet, easy to install and work with gas, diesel, blended alcohol and E85. They will support up to 400 horsepower on a carbureted engine. They are self-priming and have a 12-inch dry lift capability for more flexible mounting.

They are proudly made in the USA so it’s easy to see why you should make Holley Mighty Mite pumps part of your project.

Product Pages:
PN 12-426 - Mighty Mite Fuel Pump (25 GPH, supporting up to 300 horsepower)
PN 12-427 - Mighty Mite Fuel Pump (32 GPH, supporting up to 400 horsepower)

Quick Fuel Technology Introduces New Carburetor Jet Assortment Kits

Quick Fuel Technology (QFT) has just made it a lot easier to keep your carburetor jets organized with its new Jet Assortment Kits that ensure you will have the exact size jets you need for the ever-changing weather and track conditions. There are four kits available, two for gas and two for alcohol carbs. Part# 36-236 and Part# 36-236A are designed for gas and alcohol applications, respectively, and come with two (2) each standard length jets for each jet size. Part# 36-436 for gas and Part# 36-436A for alcohol are available with four (4) each standard length jets for each size.

The gasoline Jet Assortment features jet sizes #75 - #110 for 4150, 4160 and 4500-style carburetors. QFT’s alcohol Jet Assortment comes with jet sizes ranging from #116 - #208 for 4150, 4160 and 4500-style carbs. The Jet Assortments are packaged in a durable and compartmentalized plastic carrying case that lets you identify each jet size at a glance.

No longer do you have to build your own jet assortments, now you can experience the convenience and cost savings over purchasing jets individually, and simply hoping that you have selected the ones you will need.

For more information please contact, Quick Fuel Technology, 129 Dishman Lane, Bowling Green, KY 42101. Phone (270) 793-0900. Fax (270) 793-0951. Visit us at www.quickfueltechnology.com.


ACCEL, an industry leader in high performance fuel and ignition system products, today announced the availability of its Extreme 9000 Ceramic Boot Spark Plug Wire sets.

Designed to perform under the most extreme underhood temperatures, the ACCEL Ceramic Boot spark wire sets are ideal for a variety of street and race applications, especially vehicles with tight header clearances and limited engine bay space. The wire sets feature ceramic ends capable of withstanding temperatures where conventional boots would simply fail – up to 2,000-degrees Fahrenheit. The Extreme 9000 wires also feature double silicone protected 8-mm Ferro-Spiral core construction with stainless steel terminals to deliver the fastest, most powerful spark while maintaining the highest level of RFI/EMI suppression.

ACCEL Extreme 9000 Ceramic Boot Spark Plug Wires are available in universal configurations with straight, 45 or 90-degree ceramic boots to accommodate a wide range of engines, as well and as custom fit sets for more than 20 different Chevy, Ford, GMC, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth and Buick applications.

For more information on ACCEL Extreme 9000 Ceramic Boot Spark Plug Wire sets, ACCEL’s complete line of high performance fuel and ignition products, or to order online, please visit ACCEL-Ignition.com.