The GM LS family of engines has quickly become the hottest powerplant in the aftermarket thanks to its light weight, plentiful numbers, and near-infinite power potential.  Drag racers, hot rodders and tuners alike all know that aftermarket camshafts and valvetrain adjustments are the keys to extracting every last bit of power from the LS engine family. Until now, swapping cams or adjusting advance traditionally required removal of the entire pulley system and oil pan.  Thanks to Hamburger’s Performance Products’ new two-piece billet timing cover with cam sensor mount, performing a cam swap or adjustment on the newest Gen IV LS motors is a breeze.

The two-piece design of Hamburger’s new billet timing cover for Gen IV LS engines allows the upper portion of the cover to be removed for cam changes or tuning, while the lower half stays bolted to the front of the block preserving the main seal. You’ll never need to drop the oil pan to access the cam and the unit incorporates an o-ring seal into the bottom half of the cover that mates with the smoothly machined flange on the upper section to offer a leak-free seal.

Machined out of a single block of 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum and clear anodized for an attractive, reliable finish, the Hamburger’s #1105 Two-Piece LS Timing Cover is compatible with all Gen IV LS engines with front cam sensor, except for engines equipped with Variable Cam Timing or Displacement on Demand.  Hamburger’s LS Timing Covers work with double roller timing chains, include all necessary stainless steel hardware, and are made in the USA.  For owners of Gen III LS engines with rear cam sensors, Hamburger’s has you covered as well with the #1104 timing cover.

For more information on application availability, visit www.hamburgersperformance.com.

Cap/Pump Combo for Utility Jugs

Allstar Performance Utility Jug Cap/Pump Combo is a hand operated pre-assembled siphon pump that dispenses fluids up to 5 gallons per minute rate. The kit features a self-priming pump with a cut-to-length pick up tube, 4’ flexible dispensing hose, and utility jug cap. Two pump kits are available for 5-Gallon Scribner (ALL40116) and VP (ALL40117) style utility jugs.

Available at Allstar Performance Dealers Worldwide.

Visit their website for weekly updates. Sign up for new product e-mails. Allstar Performance, 8300 Lane Drive, Watervliet, MI 49098; 269.463.8000, www.allstarperformance.com.

BrakeShot – First new additive to fight corrosion by Phoenix Systems

Phoenix Systems has announced BrakeShot, the first new brake fluid additive designed to fight corrosion induced by the harmful effects of copper.

DOT approved and specifically formulated to retard copper corrosion in the braking system, BrakeShot prevents sticking calipers, ailing master cylinders, and other ABS braking troubles brought about by corrosion and high copper levels in the brake system.

To ascertain if BrakeShot can cure a contaminated system, use BrakeStrip to determine the copper parts per million (ppm) in the brake fluid. BrakeStrip is a 60-second brake fluid test that turns shades of purple according to the level of copper in the braking system.

If the strip indicates a copper level of between 50-175ppm, simply add the contents of a one-ounce bottle of BrakeShot to the master cylinder. After 50-100 miles of driving, BrakeShot will re-energize the corrosion inhibitors to protect all the metals in the entire brake system and prevent further corrosion. If, however, the test strip indicates 200ppm or greater, the brake system requires flushing and the fluid replaced.

With multiple patents pending a one-ounce shot of BrakeShot treats up to 1 liter of brake fluid, which is the average capacity of a vehicle’s braking system. Cheaper and quicker than a brake flush, BrakeShot is universal and works on all foreign and domestic vehicles. Packaged in a case of 12, each bottle retails for $15-$20. BrakeShot is expected to be released in April 2014.

For further information and where to purchase contact Phoenix Systems LLC, 4012 S River Rd #4B, St. George, UT 84790. Telephone (866) 760-5842 or e-mail ben@brakebleeder.com or visit: www.brakebleeder.com.