Compufire T.P.G. Starter for VW

Compufire Performance Products has just released their long awaited T.P.G. (Triple Planetary Gear) Starter Motor for air cooled VW applications.

The Triple Planetary Gear (T.P.G.) system ensures maximum efficiency for load transfers in starter motor gear reduction operation. The T.P.G. Starter produces 2kW of starting energy using modern permanent magnet field technology along with a precision balanced high amperage armature. The reduction gear ratio in the T.P.G. starter is 6:1 to allow for easy starts in high compression large displacement engines.

Compufire products are assembled in the U.S.A. using 100% new components and are backed by a 12 month limited warranty. Part number 53670 (polished for 002) retails for 301.78, 53675 (raw finish for 002 trans) $265.00, 53680 (polished 091) runs $301.78 and 53685 (raw finish for 091) is $265.00.

Call 562-803-1700 for more information or visit Dealer inquiries welcome.

Radiator Relief Adds New Products

Relief performance coolant  additives are designed to reduce the surface tension of  radiator coolant by  eliminating bubbles that cling to and create hot spots on your engine block. DEI’s line of radiator chemical products provide an easy, no mess solution for any gas or diesel powered, water cooled engine and compatible with all types of radiator materials and coolant mixtures.  

Radiator Relief compatible with all types of anti-freeze products, quickly increases heat transferred through the radiator reducing coolant temperatures up to 30°F, and is now available in either a 16 oz. or 32 oz. size. 

Radiator Relief for DIESELS, blended for extreme use vehicles, offers the same protection as the original formula but in a concentrated formula for larger capacity radiator systems. Both have corrosion inhibitors that protect against mineral deposits and rust and contain an anti-foaming agent.  

Chill Charger, marketed to water-to-air intercooler segment lowers air intake temperature while reducing corrosion and mineral build-up. This formula can be added direct to intercooler water in vehicles equipped with turbo or supercharger systems. 

Radiator Relief Flush works as a concentrated cleansing agent that removes rust, mineral deposits and oily residue in the radiator core and hose lines for improved cooling efficiency.

Heater Hotter, as the name implies, improves engine warm-up time by up to 50%, even in sub- zero weather. Safe to use will all anti-freeze products, this product accelerates the transfer of heat from the engine to the cooling system for quicker on-demand interior heat when needed. 

For more information visit, call 800-264-9472, or e-mail:

Sonny’s New Products

Sonny's 5.300" Bore Space GM Wedge Heads are the ultimate cylinder heads for pro modified racing, Featuring A356 alloy aluminum heads with (hipped) hot isostatic pressure to strengthen heads by 20%, Specially designed water jackets have 360 degree water flow around exhaust and intake valve seats. These heads are the same heads used on the record setting performance of Khalid Mohammed, who recorded the quickest and fastest pass in pro mod history (3.701 @ 202.82 in the 1/8th mile), along 2013 NHRA Pro Mod World Champion Rickie Smith and Big Dog Pro Mod Champion, and Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod Runner Up Danny Perry using Sonny's complete 903 EFI engine, just to name a few. Sonny's is the leader in performance, and an innovator in cylinder head technology. Don't settle for anything less! That's why Engine builders such as Pat Musi, Albert Racing, Proline Racing and other shops use Sonny's heads and other components on their record setting engines. These heads are available in race ready castings, or complete race ready to bolt on. Check out their website at or call 434-239-1009.