Aeromotive’s award winning Phantom fuel system goes green

Aeromotive is proud to release a new addition to the existing Phantom line up. The Phantom family introduces the E85 compatible Phantom Flex (P/N 18310).

Aeromotive’s Phantom line of universal in-tank fuel systems goes green with the new Phantom Flex. As E85 makes its way into mainstream hot-rodding, its higher octane rating creates a cheaper fuel alternative for higher compression performance applications. E85 wasn’t without a few problems, namely its corrosive nature and stoichiometric ratio (fuel needed per unit of air). These problems, however, are no match for the sealed electrical connections and 450lph pump included with Phantom Flex, making Aeromotive’s latest addition true to its name.

The Phantom Flex has a lot in common with the original Phantom. Whether you’re using E85 or gasoline, the Flex provides easy installation in virtually any fuel tank. It comes with 30% more flow over its 340lph predecessor. The system also includes a larger foam and bladder design to feed the 450lph pump and combat fuel slosh in many harsh driving conditions. Reliable and quiet, the new Phantom Flex provides you with a viable solution when using renewable energy.

The Phantom line is unique because it’s the first fuel system on the market to address the three major issues that plague performance fuel systems: (1) It features an innovative baffle and basket that reduces fuel slosh. (2) It solves hot fuel handling issues like cavitation and vapor-lock, which gives you more reliability and better performance from your system. (3) This system can be retro-fitted into almost any kind of fuel tank, whether it’s an original tank, a new fabricated tank, or even a composite fuel cell. This versatility makes it a universal solution. For more information on the Phantom Fuel System line and its capabilities, please visit the Aeromotive site to learn more:

Aeromotive Inc. is a true high performance aftermarket manufacturer specializing in fuel delivery and fuel delivery components. Utilizing aerospace tolerances and procedures, three generations of track experience, and a meticulous approach to engineering, Aeromotive Fuel Systems has become the absolute pinnacle of performance fuel delivery.

For more information on the Phantom Fuel System, or Aeromotive and their extensive line of fuel delivery components and the advantages they can provide, go to To speak with one of their highly qualified technicians, call (913) 647-7300.

LS 105mm Throttle Body w/cable drive and taper from Holley

  1. THE biggest bore most feature loaded, throttle body available!
  2. Large 105 mm throttle bore opening promotes horsepower gains over factory equipment.
  3. Tapered throttle bore offers low rpm drivability.
  4. Fully adjustable PCV Passage Valve allows for fine tuning and even accomodates forced induction applications! No more tapping and installing plugs to block off PCV!
  5. Idle Bleed Adjustment Screw allows adjustment of your idle without affecting throttle position or TPS voltages at idle!
  6. Innovative (patent pending) TPS Clocker Adjustment allows the TPS to be rotated back into the ECU's required idle voltage range! Modified engines often suffer from idling outside this range. No more idle adjustment problems related to TPS!
  7. Built-in provision for cruise control cable

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KRC Pro Series III hydraulic power steering pump

Details have been released by KRC Power regarding their latest Pro Series III hydraulic power steering pump. Weighing a mere 2.58lbs and showing a performance of an entirely different order than any previous KRC pump, it is unquestionably the most important development in its field.

Originally available with only 9.6cc displacement, the Pro Series III range includes two additional smaller-volume pumps: 5.9cc and 7.2cc. Suffice to say the smaller the pump, the greater the horsepower saving.

Further, to accommodate race cars with quick high-geared steering racks or, alter-natively, steering racks that operate at lower pressures, the new pump offers three pressure relief options: 1,200psi, 1,450psi or 1,600psi. Allied to this the Pro Series III features nine changeable flow fittings to custom-tailor driver feel—for some, the quality that out-ranks all others.

In addition, three different shafts styles are announced. The most common facilitates the conventional pulley and retaining nut. Conveniently KRC uses traditional pulley offsets with standard 80mm bolt pattern on the case. More importantly the splined pulleys are an easy hand-fit as the pump-maker intelligently avoids the more out-dated press-on variety. The remaining two shaft styles adapt the pump for 3/8in hex drive and 17-spline drive.

A further measure of the pump’s potential is apparent in its ability to accept a wide variety of hoses, fittings as well as two styles of bolt-on reservoir. Commonly -10AN inlet fittings, including a 90-degree style that swivels 360 degrees and popular in sprint car preparation, are the styles preferred. However, -12AN hose and fittings are usually adopted on Monster trucks and similar. The principal advantage of having an integrated reservoir is weight-saving—it eliminates 3.5lbs of redundant hoses and fittings. Sensibly, outlet fittings are presented in upward or downward directions.

The rear cover, which is supplied either in flat form or as a PTO cover for accessory drive, features black hard-anodizing to increase pump life. Optionally, a hard-anodized finish is also available on the pump housing. Completely machined and assembled in Kennesaw, Georgia, all pumps are tested and supplied with a dyno sheet.

In conclusion, what makes this system so attractive is its almost infinite adaptability.
Prices start around the low $600 mark and KRC’s new Pro Series III power steering pump goes on sale after January 01, 2015.

For further information contact KRC Power Steering, 2115 Barrett Pk. Dr., Kennesaw GA 30144-3680, Telephone (770) 422-5135 or visit: