Helping to set Trans Dapt’s differential covers apart from the competition is their satin black powder coated finish. Paint can fade, crack, peel, or flake off, especially when subjected to road debris and the heat generated by the differential gears. Powder coating is stronger, lasts longer, and retains its luster much better over time. They are also easier to maintain than a chromed or polished piece as the powder coating doesn’t require any special polishing or cleaning to maintain its looks. Adding another dimension to the design, the ribs on the cover have been polished to create a unique two-tone look that stands out without being overly showy.

Trans Dapt’s differential covers are available for many of the most popular axles and vehicle applications including the DANA 25, 27, 30, 44, 60, and 80 as well as Dodge, Ford, and GM cars, trucks and SUVs. These covers also come complete with a matching gasket and mounting hardware, making installating one of these covers a breeze.

For more information on Trans Dapt’s powder coated differential covers, please call (562) 921-0404,, or visit

Quick Fuel Technology Introduces 4 New High-Output Fuel Pumps

Quick Fuel Technology has set new standards for racing fuel pumps with its revolutionary series of billet pumps capable of supporting up to 2,500 hp. QFT not only went after the big flow numbers, they designed a series of pumps with increased durability and serviceability, and a new vane and rotor design that delivers a greater volume of fuel in the all-important 12-20 psi range. The new QFT High Performance Fuel Pump lineup includes a 230 gph continuous duty street pump that will support 1200 hp, a drag race/short duration 260 gph pump that supports 1,000 hp in rear fuel cell vehicles and 1,600 hp with front-mounted fuel cells, a 300 gph drag race/short duration pump that delivers fuel for up to 800 hp, and a 400 gph drag racing pump that is good for 800 hp-2,500 hp engines. All of these pumps are compatible with gas, alcohol and E85 fuels.

QFT machines the pump bodies out of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum, then hard anodizes them for wear and corrosion resistance. All critical internal moving parts are coated with DYNA-BLUE® wear resistant coating and the motor’s armature shaft is made out of 316 stainless steel for corrosion protection. Huge #10 AN inlet and outlet ports minimize flow restrictions, and both the 260 and 400 gph pumps feature an externally adjustable bypass system with #8 AN ports to reduce cavitation. The continuous-duty street 230 gph pump comes standard with an external bypass regulator (P/N 30-1900).

The part numbers are: 30-230 for the 230 gph continuous flow model, 30-260 for the drag race 260 gph model, 30-300 for the drag race 300 gph version, and 30-400 for the huge 400 gph pump. Every QFT high-output billet pump is tested for flow, pressure and leaks before it leaves the factory.

Rebuild kits and lower housing body kits are available to rebuild these pumps in the future. An added bonus is that QFT is supporting these new pumps with a generous NHRA contingency program, so it is a win-win for racers – great pumps and more prize money.

For more information on QFT’s race-winning carburetors and fuel system components, please contact, Quick Fuel Technology, 129 Dishman Lane, Bowling Green, KY 42101. Phone (270) 793-0900. Fax (270) 793-0951. Visit them at

MAHLE Motorsports’ PowerPak Smaller Ring Packs

MAHLE Motorsports has built a reputation for bringing racers leading edge design and technology and continues to do so with the latest in innovations and racing advancements. Over a decade ago, MAHLE's PowerPak piston assemblies were introduced with ring sets sized as much as 24-percent smaller in both height and width than conventional piston rings.

A shorter, narrower ring is more conformable, allowing it to maintain increased and more consistent contact with the ring groove floor and cylinder wall, resulting in greatly improved combustion seal and oil control. Additionally, there is a notable reduction in frictional drag and weight.

Of course, ring size is only part of the equation; a flat ring groove is also important in achieving maximum benefits. Initially met with skepticism, the concept of smaller more conformable rings used in extreme race conditions has become common place resulting in a strong history of race winning performance. Trust MAHLE Motorsports, the technology authority to lead you to the winner's circle.