The NX Purge System is designed to purge the air from your nitrous lines to allow immediate activation of your Nitrous system. This System includes a Lightning solenoid, push button for activation, and a vent tube to direct the purged nitrous out of the solenoid. Also included is a -4 AN swivel manifold to run inline with your nitrous feedline. This allows you to purge the nitrous system, even when you do not have a purge port built into your solenoids. The Purge system can also be used to lower the bottle pressure for spot on nitrous performance every time you activate the system.

Purge System includes:

  1. Purge Solenoid
  2. 4AN Swivel Adapter Fitting
  3. Push Button Activation
  4. 1/8" to 1/8" NPT Fitting
  5. 1/8" NPT to Poly Line Adapter
  6. 36 Inches of 1/8" Poly Line

For more information, contact Nitrous Express, 5411 Seymour Hwy, Wichita Falls, Texas, 76310.

Combination Proportioning Valve Bracket Mounting Kit from Wilwood

This kit is designed to make mounting/installing your proportioning valve a snap.  Kit comes with precision bent stainless steel fluid tubes with preinstalled stainless tube nuts for a simple bolt-on installation between the proportioning valve and the master cylinder.  Stainless steel button head fasteners attach the proportioning valve to the bracket.  Attach the lines, bleed the system, and you're finished. There are two kits available.  The retrofit mounting bracket kit (P/N 220-13189), includes the bracket, fluid tubes, mounting hardware and spacers.  The complete mounting bracket kit (P/N 260-13190) includes all the mounting hardware plus a combination proportioning valve.

Wilwood proportioning valve and associated components are loaded with features and technology built from decades of domination in world motorsports, and the proven reliability of Zero Parts Per Million (PPM) defect quality supply to leading OE manufacturers around the world. These components not only enhance the appearance of your vehicle, but offer years of care free performance.

For more information contact: Wilwood Engineering at (805) 388-1188 and request to speak with Erika Gordillo for marketing issues, or Andy Fritts for technical questions.  Also, Wilwood’s website is accessible at or e-mail


Found on many of the quickest and fastest cars in the world, PTE's ProInjectors have helped fuel winners like Troy Coughlin, Don Walsh, Jr., Jose "El General" Gonzalez and countless more!

It's important to insist on the best. PRECISION TURBO brand fuel injectors are individually hand selected, flow checked, and matched for optimum performance from your vehicle. All horsepower ratings are based upon a 90% duty cycle at 43.5 psi of fuel pressure based upon a BSFC of .50.

* Compatible with most aftermarket drivers
* No special maintenance required with methanol applications
* Flow checked and matched to ensure optimum performance
* No updating or rebuilding required

Call us at 219-996-7832 to get your hands on a set today or click here to learn more!