Strange Engineering Drag Floaters

Safer. Stronger. Faster. Strange Engineering has built its reputation by developing the most reliable and innovative driveline components in the industry. With the evolution of power in the Pro Mod and Alcohol car ranks, Strange Engineering has responded with the introduction of its new and improved full floater kits.

Improvements include scalloped hubs & drive plates, stronger chrome moly spindles, redesigned wheel studs, and now come standard with the proven 2 piece rotor design.  Less rotating weight combined with increased strength and reliability will give the racer confidence that his car will be safe and perform every time. Floater kits are available in 4 ¾”, 5” and 5 ½” bolt patterns.

Contact Strange Engineering at (847) 663-1701 or visit us on the web at

Flock It! Spray-On Flocking Reduces Glare on Drag Race Car Dashboards

Flock It! Suede-Tex Spray-On Suede Nylon Flocking can be applied to drag race car dashboards to reduce glare from sunlight. Flock It! allows you to achieve an attractive, durable, soft-to-the-touch and professional-looking finish in your own garage. Flocking is the method of applying millions of tiny fibers onto an adhesive coated surface to create a velvet-like texture. For example the fuzzy material inside an automobile glove compartment - that’s flocking.  Flock It! is easily sprayed on with the Flock It! Mini Flocker or Air Assisted Spray Applicator. Flock It! works great for flocking drag race car dashboards, door panels, roll cages, gauge pods, and automotive interior trim components. Flock It! Suede-Tex Spray-On Suede Nylon Flocking is offered in over fifteen colors, and custom colors can be special ordered.

For more information contact Flock It! Ltd. at (800) 336-6537 information go to


CLASSIC TUBE has expanded their line of STOPFLEX® D.O.T. approved Stainless Braided hose kits for the 2007-2014 Shelby GT 500, 2012-2013 BOSS 302 and 2007-2014 Mustang GT’s with the Track Pac Brembo brake caliper option. These STOPFLEX® stainless braided hose kits are exclusive to CLASSIC TUBE, and feature factory style brackets for quick, easy installation. Being D.O.T. approved, they can be used for both street and racing applications. STOPFLEX® lines are corrosion resistant, and feature a 5-layer design using 304 stainless braided wire, Teflon® hose, and Kevlar® braid to produce the strongest brake hoses available for your Mustang.

Available in complete sets, these braided hoses have been vigorously tested, and proved to virtually eliminate typical volumetric brake line expansion. This removes that “spongy” feel when applying the brakes, and provides a firmer, more responsive pedal. Plus the durability of stainless brake lines virtually eliminates catastrophic brake failure.

Check out all of CLASSIC TUBES’s brake, fuel, transmission, vacuum and choke pre-bent tubing at Industrial applications are also available.

For complete information on all of these Mustang STOPFLEX® kits, and all their other fluid transfer products for late-model Mustangs or other classics, contact CLASSIC TUBE, 80 Rotech Drive, Lancaster, NY 14086, 800-882-3711, Fax; 716-759-1014.

New K26 Flange Turbine Housing Option Available

Precision's K26 turbine housing is available on the following turbochargers: 
Turbo HP Rating
5558 CEA® 590
5858 CEA® 620
5862 CEA® 640
6262 CEA® 705
6266 CEA® 735
6466 CEA® 900
6766 CEA® 935

Precision Turbo and Engine's newest release, a K26 flange turbine housing, is designed to give Euro enthusiasts more options when selecting a turbocharger.

The new K26 flange turbine housing from Precision is available for any turbocharger in the current CEA® line that is equipped with a 58mm, 62mm, or 66mm turbine wheel. Additionally, to ensure optimum performance, the CEA® wheels are specifically designed for higher efficiency and faster transient response.

With a turbine A/R of .82, this new housing is a great fit for those who were not able to previously find an appropriately flanged turbocharger and are looking to get the most power out of their vehicle.

Precision Turbo & Engine is committed to offering a robust product line consisting of replacement and upgrade turbochargers for all types of applications, including those from other manufacturers. For more information regarding PTE's K26 turbine housing-equipped turbochargers, specifications, sizing or for purchasing information, please contact Precision Turbo and Engine directly.