Compiled by Clifford Tunnell

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Kaase expands P-51 head sales to include complete engines

Jon Kaase Racing Engines, four-time winner of the Engine Masters Challenge, has expanded its P-51 cylinder head sales for big-block Fords to include the assembly of complete P-51 engines.

For five years Kaase has been supplying their wondrously effective P-51 cylinder heads to engine builders, both professional and amateur. Predictably, the heads have been the most persuasive advocates for extending the line to encompass complete custom engine builds. They are now available from 520 to 600cu in.

Keenly aware of four elements that would boost the P-51’s competitive advantage, Kaase initially paid special attention to the following: the location and operating angles of the valves, the porting, the shape of the valve bowls, but most importantly the width of the short turns in the intake ports.

“You might be able to replicate the P-51’s short turn on a Super Cobra Jet head,” says Kaase, “but there’s a chance you’ll hit water.” The solution was to increase the thickness of the casting walls between the intake ports and the water jacket.

The essence of Kaase’s P-51cylinder heads is characterized not only by the increased performance they so clearly demonstrate but also by their ability to accept standard parts, including conventional stud-mounted rockers. Although the ports are CNC-machined their inlet and outlet locations remain unchanged, accommodating regular intake and exhaust systems.

In addition Kaase angled the valves such that when they open the valve heads move away from the cylinder walls. In so doing, they unshroud the entry of the incoming charge. This innovation has proved so successful it was repeated in Kaase’s small-block Ford heads—the P-38.

And it doesn’t end there. Being Kaase, he introduced further CNC machining work to the chambers, including details around the spark plug area. But crucially, it’s the valve seat areas that excel. Here the work is performed on a Serdi machine and then finished by hand-blending under the seats and in the bowls.

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