All New PT8685 Turbocharger with GEN2 CEA Aero Released

Precision Turbo and Engine has announced the release of the new PT8685 turbocharger featuring GEN2 Competition Engineered Aerodynamics (CEA®) technology.

Precision's GEN2 CEA aerodynamics boast never before seen levels of technology and engineering advancements in turbocharger wheel design. In testing, the GEN2 CEA wheels offer substantially more horsepower, mm for mm, when compared to similarly sized wheels of older designs, including those from other manufacturers.

With an exclusive 86mm GEN2 CEA compressor wheel and 85mm CEA® turbine wheel, PTE's all new PT8685 CEA turbocharger offers unparalleled performance, great efficiency at higher pressure ratios, less turbo lag, and offers massive power gains over older designs.

Purpose-built for improved strength, durability and longevity, the new PT8685 CEA turbo features an air-cooled, dual ceramic ball bearing Center Housing Rotating Assembly (CHRA) for faster transient response and added thrust capacity.

Additionally, this turbo comes standard with Precision's V-band discharge compressor cover, and a divided T4 turbine housing which is available in two different A/Rs: part number 22709219329 references the 1.12 A/R housing, while part number 22709219339 pertains to the 1.28 A/R housing.

Rated to support 1,400 HP, the MSRP on Precision's revolutionary new PT8685 CEA turbocharger is just $3,849.99. Unlike anything else on the market today, Precision's GEN2 CEA wheels are set to be a serious game-changer in the world of turbo technology.

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VP Racing Fuels today introduced “C45,” a leaded fuel blend offering the best performance in naturally aspirated drag race engines on the planet, according to Jason Rueckert, VP’s Regional Manager-Midwest. “In a test on a 565 inch BBC, our Q16 race fuel made an average of 1,015 HP,” said Rueckert. “After switching to C45 and adding 4 percent more fuel, it picked up 18 HP over Q16. Since nobody else can kick Q16’s butt for All Motor, we had to do it ourselves!”

“C45 is designed strictly for All Motor applications, meaning naturally aspirated engines,” Rueckert added. “It’s oxygenated and when tuned properly, will handle up to 16:1 compression. It will not handle boost or nitrous. With its 100 motor octane rating, pulling a couple degrees of timing at first to be safe is recommended. It will require approximately 4 to 6 percent more fuel than VP’s Q16 so a purpose-built carburetor will most likely be in order.”

“In the hands of a knowledgeable tuner,” Rueckert concluded, “C45 cannot be beat for power and torque.”

Technical questions about C45 can be directed to VP’s Tech Support staff at 812-878-2025 or

C45 and all VP products are conveniently available from VP’s extensive distribution network throughout North America and around the world. Customers can locate their nearest VP dealer by contacting a VP Regional Distribution Center listed at

In addition to racing fuels, VP’s product line includes VP Small Engine Fuel for 2- and 4-cycle portable gas-powered tools and VP PowerMaster® hobby fuels for R/C racing. More information is available online at, and

Wilwood’s NewSwing Mount Pedal and Triple Master CylinderAssemblies

If you are building a racecar, street rod or Pro Touring vehicle you should be aware of Wilwood’s new Adjustable Reverse Mount Pedal assembly or the new Forward Mount Pedal Assembly that combines thebrake and clutch pedals together in one unit. The Reverse Mount Pedal Assembly positions the mastercylinders inside of the firewall, while the Forward Mount Pedal Assembly positions the master cylindersoutside on the firewall. Both units feature an all aluminum frame and forged aluminum pedal arms with ladderstyle construction. The pedal pads are of a special adjustable lightweight design that allows fine-tuning of the pedal location and clearance.

Also included with the assembly of your choice are the mounting studs,hardware, and clevis and pivot pin balance bar that are designed to provide smooth and accurate settingsof the brake pedal bias. The balance bar can be set and locked down with the jam nut, or attached to a remotecable for quick on-track adjustments. The units provide a 6.25 to 1 ratio on both clutch and brake pedal.

For more information contact: Wilwood Engineering at (805) 388-1188 or visit our website at or