LAT’s new extreme sever duty gear oil is the direct result of input and requests from major racing differential builders and the most advanced lubrication technology to date.

LAT 85W110 Gear Oil provides a superior barrier against massive shock loads and heat build-up common serious race machinery. An additive package unique to LAT allows superior total oil adhesion to “REM” finished and polished surfaces with uninterrupted lubrication regardless of speed and other influences.  This unique gear oil is an excellent choice for Pro Stock, Pro Mod, Off Road machines, racing trucks and all forms of high performance track and street vehicles. LAT 85W110 HIGH PERFORMANCE GEAR OIL retails for $14.95 qt.

Get all the details on this and the complete LAT line up at www.latracingoils.com or call direct to 888-528-6457.

Holley Hi-Ram Intake For GM Cathedral Port and LS7 Engines

Holley Performance Products is proud to announce their Modular Hi-Ram Intake System for GM’s LS cathedral port and LS7 engines
The Hi-Ram modular intake was originally introduced for LS3/L92 rectangle port engines as a cost effective alternative to fabricated sheet-metal intakes for high-performance applications where induction system height is not limited. The modular design makes the new LS1/LS2/LS6 and LS7 bases ready to accept a wide range of carbureted and EFI tops making them attractive to builders and fabricators as the foundation for custom induction systems. There are four style tops; for a forward mount throttle body, dual 4150s, dual 4500s, and a blank top to machine for any induction style. Billet aluminum flanges are also available for custom fabricated sheet metal tops.

For more information contact Holley Tech Service, 1801 Russellville Road, Bowling Green, KY 42101. Telephone 270-781-9741. For nearest dealer: 1-800-HOLLEY-1. Or visit them on the web atwww.holley.com.

HI-6RC Ignition Kit from Crane Cams

The Crane Cams HI-6RC Digital Race Ignition system now comes completely assembled, ready to bolt into the race car.  
Included in the p/n 6000-6701 kit is a fully sealed, digital CD ignition with adjustable rev limiter, start retard, Weatherpak® plugs, and rubber shock mounts. The matching PS92N Coil is an E-Core design that is lightweight with high output mounted in an aluminum bracket for complete cooling.  
All assembled on a lightweight aluminum plate with slotted mounting holes for many of the common chassis today and includes a large ground lug. All components are available separately.

More information about Crane Cams is available at www.cranecams.com.