Trailer Edition

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a big bucks racer hauling his nitro burning dragster across the country or a weekend warrior looking to try your hand at your local track’s open night. Unless you’re racing your daily driver, it’s gonna take a trailer of some sort to get your car from Point A to Point Z. While intakes, heads, power adders, and the like may be sexier, several companies know that the gear on the trailer can be just as important as the parts on the car.

These are some of the cooler offerings we’ve found for improving your hauling experience.

Summit Racing Trailer Organizers

Why They’re Cool: Organization in aluminum. Trailers can get crowded, fast. Installing Summit Racing’s storage racks and trays can keep ratchet straps from tangling and fluids from spilling. Keeping your equipment sorted also cuts down on damage and loss, while making it easier to inventory what you have. Take the confusion out of your gear storage and focus on what’s important: lowering ETs.

With shelves that store fluids and aerosols, trays for your tools, wall-mounted racks to keep your chairs and canopies from getting stained or damaged, even a flashlight holder--you’ll never scrounge through your trailer again!

TrailerWare Trailer Protection Kits

Why They’re Cool: TrailerWare is an impact absorbing, 1/4" thick foam insulated barrier that looks and feels like carpet. It’s stain resistant and stands up to harsh chemicals, oil, and water. Clean up is easy; sweep it, vacuum it, or hose it off—the material is mold and mildew resistant!

The TrailerWare kits include the cover material, all necessary mounting hardware, trim, and adhesive. TrailerWare is available in four sizes: 10-14 foot, 15-24 foot, 25-28 foot, and 29-32 foot.

Race Ramps Trailer Ramps

Why They’re Cool: Race Ramps Trailer Ramps can decrease your approach angle to as little as four degrees. They’re an absolute must-have if you trailer a car with an exceptionally low ride height or a low front lip spoiler. Sturdy and lightweight, they’re made from the same style foam material used on the Space Shuttle.

Available in lengths from 45 to 74 inches, and heights from four to seven inches. Approach angles range from four to eight degrees, depending on model. All ramps are 14 inches wide. These ramps feature a one-piece design and are sold in pairs.

Mac’s Chassis Stabilizer

Why It's Cool: Protection from a rough ride. Even a properly loaded trailer is susceptible to a bouncing ride, and that could damage your dragster. Mac’s Chassis Stabilizer is designed to combat unwanted chassis flex. After loading your dragster, simply slide the stabilizer under the most flexible point of the chassis. When inflated, it will support some of the weight of the race car and minimize the effects of a bouncing trailer. Pretty neat for something that looks like a hot water bottle.

The 18 inch diameter black rubber stabilizer can be inflated from 15 to 20 psi. It comes complete with a hose kit and gate valve.