No matter if you’ve pumped up your cubic inches or are just in need of a reliable clutch that can handle heavy loads without fade or hesitation, BDL’s new CC-130-BB COMPETITOR CLUTCH assembly has you covered.

This all inclusive conversion has been developed specifically for a direct fit into your stock 1998-2012H-D clutch basket. The straight forward conversion includes BDL’s “Patented” ball bearing pressure plate ensuring a smooth transition while the Kevlar discs provide 60% more surface area, virtually eliminating slippage. Each COMPETITOR CLUTCH kit includes: Ball Bearing Lock Up Pressure Plate, diaphragm spring, clutch hub, spring retainer, shoulder bolts, adjustment screw assembly, 1 ea .120” steel plate, 6 ea .059 steel plates and 7 Kevlar fiber plates. For higher horsepower applications BDL recommends fitment of their Carbide Ball Bearing kit which includes 8 Carbide ball bearings to be spaced intermittently among the steel pressure plate ball bearings that come in the Competitor kit. Suggested retail for the entire assembly part #CC-130BB is just $443.50 and the Carbide Ball Bearing pack part #CBB-8516 goes for $107.00.

This clutch conversion is a real problem solver for serious riders and is available from Belt Drives Limited dealers worldwide or go direct to

AMSOIL Expands Dominator Line with SAE 60 Racing Oil

AMSOIL INC. of Superior, Wis. has introduced a new addition to the Dominator line, adding SAE 60 Synthetic Racing Oil to its series of premium racing oils. Dominator SAE 60 Synthetic Racing Oil’s durable formulation is designed to provide maximum horsepower without sacrificing engine protection. The product is heavily fortified with zinc and phosphorus anti-wear additives to provide additional protection against scuffing and wear in severe racing conditions.

Dominator SAE 60 Synthetic Racing Oil provides outstanding protection in temperature extremes. Its low pour point offers excellent cold-start protection and provides less drag when the oil has not reached stable operating temperatures. Dominator maintains superior film strength, even at elevated operating temperatures. Its thermally stable synthetic chemistry resists the effects of intense heat commonly found in racing applications.

AMSOIL Dominator SAE 60 Synthetic Racing Oil is engineered to provide maximum performance and superior protection to all racers. The same products used by corporately sponsored AMSOIL racers are available to everyone, regardless of their level of competition.  Recommended for use in racing and high-performance engines. Check the owner’s manual or engine builder’s recommendations for correct viscosity.


Along with adding the convenience of faster camshaft changes with its pop-up design, the lifters are made from top-notch materials for strength and the professional-quality lifters are some of the lightest available weighing in at less than 200 grams per pair. This lightweight construction further reduces valvetrain weight and increases valvetrain reliability, attributes proven to increase life cycles of all valvetrain components, especially severely stressed racing valve springs.

Lunati Horizontal Link-Bar Roller Lifters feature bodies that are precision machined from aircraft grade steel alloy, then heat treated for strength and wear resistance. Each lifter is hand assembled with premium quality heat-treated steel axles, wheels and needle bearings. Wheels are metallurgically compatible with roller camshaft lobe materials and precisely heat treated to prevent wear and lobe tracking. Installation is a quick and easy, drop-in procedure without block machining.

The lifters are available in .842” outside diameter and current applications include small-block Chevy V-8, Chevy 90-degree V-6 (4.3L) and big-block Chevy, Mark IV, 396-454. For more information, visit or call (662) 892-1500.