This kit can be used on most popular engines, and contains a 9-inch Degree Wheel, Calibrated Dial Indicator, Aluminum Dial Indicator Mount, Aluminum Top Dead Center Locator, Wire Pointer, and durable padded carrying case.

Following the included instruction sheet, and after the camshaft and timing set have been installed, with this kit you can correctly align the position of the camshaft and crankshaft by establishing the center of the #1 intake lobe (the point of maximum lift) with the top dead center of the #1 piston. Properly setting the initial timing is critical for a successful engine firing and break in.

This Universal “Heads Off” Camshaft Degree Wheel Kit is just one of Proform’s tool box full of inexpensive engine building tools, internal and external engine parts and dress up products. For more information, visit www.proformparts.com.

New Aluminum Ultra HP Carburetors from Holley

A total of 30 new features and upgrades have been engineered into the new Aluminum Ultra HP. Most notable are the all aluminum construction which makes them 38% lighter and totally redesigned fuel bowls that increase fuel capacity by 20%.  The fuel bowls incorporate ten new features including internal baffling to help control fuel slosh; a fuel trough to direct fuel to the jets; and a fuel shelf which minimizes aeration and promotes more consistent metering. 

The metering blocks and base plates are made from 6061T6 Billet Aluminum for improved durability and true gasket sealing.  The metering blocks are fully adjustable and boast a total of six upgrades.  The base plate received ten new enhancements including a dedicated race-only throttle lever; stainless steel adjustable secondary throttle link for your choice of 1:1 or progressive actuation; knurled (hand adjustable) primary and secondary curb idle screws; as well as dual bolt pattern mounting holes. The main body steps it up with an integrated idle bypass valve that allows proper throttle plate adjustment when using radical camshafts without drilling holes in the throttle plates. The air bleeds have been moved outward for a smoother transition of airflow into the venturii and contoured hex head squirter screws have been added for streamlined airflow as well. They’re available in an all-new Hard Core Gray hard coat anodized finish with Black billet for superior corrosion protection.  They’re also available in natural tumble-polished aluminum with your choice of Black or Red metering blocks and base plate.  The Aluminum Ultra HP comes in 600, 650, 750, 850, and True 950 CFM.

For more information contact Holley Tech Service, 1801 Russellville Road, Bowling Green, KY 42101. Telephone 270-781-9741. For nearest dealer: 1-800-HOLLEY-1. Or visit them on the web at www.holley.com.

Ultra Pro Magnum Rockers from Comp Cams

With a nearly unbreakable investment cast 8650 chromemoly body, Ultra Pro Magnum Rocker Arms use an arched, web-like design to increase strength and rigidity while reducing the moment of inertia. These unique rockers feature hardened roller tips, an oversized trunion and precision-sorted needle bearings that easily stand up to the abuse of the high load valve springs needed to handle aggressive race applications.

  1. Investment cast 8650 chromemoly body and arched, web-like design increase strength and rigidity while reducing moment of inertia
  2. Unique black oxide exterior finish helps prevent corrosion, thus increasing durability
  3. Optimized retainer and valve spring clearances allow use of most diameter springs, retainers and +.050" locks without clearance or fitment issues
  4. Feature oversized trunions, precision-sorted needle bearings and hardened roller tips

For more information, head to www.compcams.com.