AEM AQ-1 Data Logger

The AQ-1 Data Logger records and stores vehicle data so that it can be downloaded and analyzed. Knowledge is power, and the information stored in the AQ-1 Data Logger can help users improve a vehicle’s tuning and set up, and their own driving ability. It is ideal for all types of racing and street performance enthusiast vehicles.

AEM's AQ-1 Data Logger is easy to use, feature packed, and it won’t break the bank with an estimated street price of $499. With logging rates of up to 1000HZ (1000 samples/second) per channel, the system is one of the fastest on the market, and with 2GB of logging memory standard it’s also one of the largest.  Additionally it features an internal 3-axis accelerometer, a removable SD card for virtually unlimited logging (up to 32GB at a time), and includes an available RS-232 serial input for adding an NMEA GPS device. The AQ-1 Data Logger includes three switched/digital inputs, four 0-5 V analog inputs with optional pullup resistor for RTD/Thermistor-style sensors, four additional analog inputs that can optionally be used to measure RPM or other frequency-based signals, and AEMnet (the new high speed communications network that links enabled AEM products together) capability for direct connection to a 4-Channel UEGO controller, AEM Series2 EMS or other future AEMnet enabled devices. AEM’s AQ-1 Data Logger includes a flying lead harness with a weather-proof connector and labeled wires for easy installation. Its compact size makes it easy to install (4.80” x 4.55” x 1.44”), and its rugged enclosure features a weather resistant dust cover for added durability. The AQ-1 Data Logger interfaces via USB connection to a laptop, and the included software is easy to use with detailed configuration screens to simplify set up and use. Log files are generated for use with AEMLog, AEM's proven software analysis program.

AEM will release its AQ-1 OBDII Data Logger (PN# 30-2501) in July. This version of the AQ-1 will plug into the OBDII port on '96-up OBDII vehicles and will allow users to log both OBDII and analog data and view them on the same log. Estimated street price is $649. AEM is developing track mapping software that will be available for free late summer 2011.

Visit www.aemelectronics.com or call (310) 484-2322 for more information or to find an Authorized AEM Electronics dealer or Factory-Trained tuner.

Herkules Portable Vehicle Lifts

The K900P is powered by Herkules Air Bag technology, a maintenance-free power source.  The lift is safe to use inside paint booths, and removes the possibility of any contaminants ruining a paint job.  There are no fluids to clean up or cylinders to replace.  The heavy-duty air bags are extremely durable, providing all the lifting power. 

Raising the vehicle up to an ergonomically correct working height, the K900P Lift eliminates the need to bend over, kneel, or squat to work on a vehicle, resulting in faster turn-around times and less back strain. The lift’s lowered height of 3.6” can easily accommodate low clearance sports cars. Features of the K900P Lift include;  Adjustable support arms; Safety stops; Air release valve; Hitch, handle and wheels; Rubber blocks; Easy controls; 6000 lb capacity; 3.6” lowered; 29” raised; Required 60-120 psi.  

For more product information, please contact Herkules at 800-444-4351, or at info@herkules.us or visit www.herkules.us.


Proform’s new wireless scale features weight and percentage for each wheel, plus the total vehicle weight. The lightweight, die-cast aluminum scale pads are 15x15-inches with a 1,750-pound capacity per pad, providing a total scale capacity of 7000-pounds. Each scale pad has four stud mounted self-stabilizing feet and is accurate to 1/10 of 1-percent. The scale also features an easy to read display with oversize characters powered by four AA batteries, four corner percentages and a durable nylon carrying case with wheels. They are ready to go out of the box! Vehicle components such as driveline, fuel tank or cell, power adders, handling accessories, driver weight, ride height etc. all contribute to vehicle imbalance. Proform’s easy use wireless scale system can reveal all those weight distribution problems, allowing you to achieve maximum handling.

Visit www.proformparts.com for additional information on this scale, and all their other internal and external engine parts and tools.