It's New to Us!

Torchmate 2x4 CNC Plasma System 

Trick Tools has added to their already large selection of High Quality Metal Fabricating Equipment with the Torchmate 2'x4' CNC plasma system.  The 2x4 table is designed to bring CNC cutting capabilities to garage enthusiasts, schools, or small fabrication shops.  It is perfect for prototyping and small run jobs.

The system is compatible with most plasma cutters and the driver software will accept any .dxf file or G-code. With a cutting rate of up to 150 ipm and a resolution of approximately  .0006", the Torchmate system delivers speed and accuracy previously available to only the largest fabrication shops.  Simply add your plasma cutter and computer and start cutting! 

Visit www.Trick-Tools.com or call 1-877-826-7268 for more information.

Pro Pushrod Length Checker Kit

Designed like a micrometer, just insert the Pro Pushrod Length Checker in place of a pushrod, and unscrew it until the correct length and geometry are achieved. Read the height right from the etched markings, each revolution is equal to .05". Let this tool make simple work of this critical calculation.

Shop online 24/7 At www.powerhouseproducts.com.


Ram has pioneered a new type of Pro release bearing. Available in fork or cross-shaft styles, it features a double-shielded, grease-free spindle bearing with a tool steel contact face. It is suitable for all 8in, 10in, or 11in diameter drag racing clutches.

For years when drag racing drivers engage the clutch at the finish line, often with engines spinning at 8,000 to 10,000rpm, the clutch fingers make contact with the stationary bearing which instantly flings bearing grease into the clutch. Ram’s technical director Pat Norcia, said, “Although OEM truck release bearings were adapted for racing use, they’ve never been fully satisfactory—mainly because they are packed with grease and have inadequate sealing for racing purposes.” Moreover, truck-style release bearings often cause excessive wear on the clutch fingers.

With a body machined from T-6 aluminum bar stock, the double-shielded spindle-style bearing operates with light oil instead of grease, permitting it to ramp up to full engine speed efficiently.  In addition, its tool steel contact face prevents wear or scars on the clutch fingers or bearing surface and its superior design eliminates run out.

Ram’s new Professional release bearings, which easily combat point-of-contact pressures of 500-1500lb, weigh 1lb to 1.25lb, depending upon collar length, are priced from $99.00 and are available for immediate delivery.

For further information on these new Pro release bearings (fork style 6-7in, fork style 8-11in and cross-shaft 8-11in) contact RAM Clutches, 201 Business Park Blvd., Columbia, SC 29203, or visit: www.ramclutches.com.