Trans-Scat Valve Body Improvement Kits

Stop transmission slippage and shift lag while adding serious performance to your automatic transmission. This do-it-yourself upgrade improves shift firmness and gear selection for most popular vehicles.

Popular applications include the Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird (F-Body applications) 1990s model GM B-Body applications (e.g. Chevrolet Impala and Chevrolet Caprice) and all styles of Ford Mustangs, among a variety of others.

For more information, go to ww.tciauto.com.

All-New Ultra High-Flow CEA Turbine Wheels Announced

Specifically engineered to produce massive power gains over older turbine wheel designs, usage of Precision's new CEA wheels typically results in an average increase of 30-45 horsepower over comparably-sized standard designs. Furthermore, spool-up time is improved when using PTE's CEA turbine wheels to further reduce turbo lag.

Precision's current 62mm turbine wheels will be replaced by the new 62mm CEA version whereas the current 65mm turbine wheels will be replaced with a newly-developed 66mm CEA wheel. Utilizing an enhanced design, the new ultra high-flow turbine wheels will come standard on all of Precision's 62mm and 66mm turbochargers that also feature the exclusive CEA compressor wheels, both ball-bearing and journal bearing versions, including the 5862, 6262, 6266 and 6766 units

Additionally, all current turbine housing offerings will be available with the new CEA turbine wheels.

Similar in concept to PTE's CEA compressor wheels which are machined from a 2618-aluminum forging for added strength, higher efficiency, faster transient response and maximum performance, Precision's CEA turbine wheels offer unparalleled performance and the best "bang for your buck".

The cutting-edge technology found in Precision Turbo and Engine's CEA turbine wheels and CEA compressor wheels is unlike anything else on the market today. PTE is committed to keeping racers well ahead of the competition by constantly innovating and engineering the most powerful turbos possible.

Visit www.precisionturbo.ne/.


No matter if you’re looking for a sweet Christmas gift, cool conversation piece or just need a place to hang your keys, these slick and handy COOL KEY RACKS are just the ticket. As functional as they are eye catching, racks are laser cut from 16 gauge cold rolled steel and detailed right down to the wheels, door handles, headlights, steering wheel, windshield frame, louvers, bumpers and trim. Styles include a 21 Window VW Bus, VW Beetle and Deuce Roadster. 

While the hangers are sold finished in gloss black powder coat, enthusiasts will certainly be custom painting them to match their own rides.

Made 100% in the U.S.A., the unique racks retail for just $24.95 + S/H. Multiple order discounts and dealer inquiries welcome. Call 714-680-6737 or go direct to www.coolkeyracks.com.