It's New to Us!

RHS Pro Elite SBC 23-Degree CNC-Ported Iron Cylinder Heads

Engineers at RHS have recently designed the only Small Block Chevy 23-degree cast iron head for  360-434c.i.  engines  that  is  CNC-ported  from  the  factory.  The  precision  accuracy  and durability of the RHS  Pro Elite SBC 23-Degree CNC-Ported Iron Cylinder Heads are derived not  only  from  the  CNC-porting  of  the  intake  and  exhaust  runners  but  the  CNC-ported combustion chamber, as well. 

The CNC-ported 240cc intake and 85cc exhaust runners optimize airflow volume and velocity while the 53cc combustion chambers are also CNC-machined to relieve the valve shrouding that occurs when the edge of a valve is in close proximity to the combustion chamber wall. Overall, the  full  CNC-porting  process  provides  more  consistent  runners  and  smoother  port-to-chamber transitions,  thereby  increasing  both  airflow  efficiency  and  horsepower.  In  addition,  these  new heads from RHS are designed to use offset rockers in order to maximize the intake window at the pushrod opening for increased airflow.

As  with  the  rest  of  the  Pro  Elite family,  these  SBC  iron  heads  come  with  a  host  of  unique features, including premium bronze valve guides and a multi-angle valve job. Also, ductile iron valve seats are inserted to better prevent seat and guide wear with alcohol and other racing fuel applications. The ductile iron 2.100" multi-angle intake and 1.625" radiused exhaust valve seats allow for  superior  airflow  and  improved  atomization  with  racing  fuels.  In addition, the  heads feature a refined water jacket for more even water flow to reduce hot spots in the engine. For racing classes that mandate the use of cast iron cylinder heads, RHS has designed the ultimate advantage by utilizing the latest in airflow technology.

For more information, visit www.racingheadservice.com.

B&M Racing and Performance Parts Announces New Street Rod Shifter

The B&M Street Rod shifter features an easy to operate gate style mechanism designed into a compact shifter. The B&M Street Rod Shifter features a fully adjustable mounting bracket assembly for optimum shifter location. The CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum stick and billet aluminum knob (with insert) feature a bright-anodized finish that will look spectacular in any interior. Most shifter boots will easily slip over the stick to provide the finishing touch. There are two stick lengths to choose from 12" or 15". Just choose which length is right for you!

  1. * Easy to operate gate-style mechanism
  2. * Mechanism attaches directly to the transmission
  3. * Two stick lengths to choose from 12" or 15"
  4. * ½"-20 threaded stick permit the use of just about any B&M handle, including the famous B&M T-handle
  5. * Includes neutral safety switch and satin aluminum ball
  6. * No buttons to rattle! Just press the stick down and into reverse

Stylish, functional, and easy to install, B&M Performance Automatic shifters are the best shifters you can buy!

For more information on B&M Shifters www.bmracing.com.

Stainless Steel Cable Ties from Del City!

Del City now offers new stainless steel cable ties. They can withstand harsh, corrosive and salt-water environments because they are resistant to chemicals, radiation exposure, and temperatures up to 572° F (300° C). Each cable tie is manufactured from #304 stainless steel which produces little to no oxidation, making them the ideal choice for clean environments. Del City's new stainless steel cable ties feature a self-locking ball mechanism that meets low insertion force requirements, while maintaining a 100 lb. tensile strength.

Del City has also added the Cable Wraptor, precision lock cable ties and Grip Strip cord organizers to complete our new line of cable bundling accessories. For more information on any of these new products or to request a free catalog detailing Del City's complete line of electrical products go to www.delcity.net or call 800-654-4757.