Lithium-Ion “MICRO-LiTE” Racing Batteries

Braille Lithium MICRO-LiTE batteries offer all the weight savings associated with the Braille brand, with up to three times more usable power than similar sized lead-acid batteries. Each new Lithium MICRO-LiTE Carbon Fiber model is designed to be a direct replacement for traditional batteries and compatible with most alternator systems with similar charge profiles for energy storage or starting performance use. If used with Braille’s Lithium chargers, the MICRO-LiTE Carbon Fiber batteries can be charged up to five times faster than conventional batteries to offer Rapid-Recharge capability, offering customer the ability have more run time and less charge time.

All Lithium MICRO-LiTE Carbon Fiber Battery Models Feature

o Exclusive High Temperature Carbon Fiber Casing
o Variable Mounting - Designed to be mounted Horizontally or Vertically
o Up to 3x the cranking energy than same weight battery
o Up to 80% more usable energy during discharge than same size lead-acid battery
o Up to 5x Deep-Cycle Service Life
o Safer and More Reliable than OEM battery
o Compatible with current Alternators and Chargers
o Rapid-Recharge Capable - Up to 10x Faster Charging
o Made in the USA

Each Braille MICRO-LiTE is manufactured to exceed the Cranking Amp (CA) specifications of the similar products they replace by up to 50% while trimming every ounce of weight. Braille’s exclusive Lithium Sealed-SafeTM design has no acid or corrosive agents, is deisgned to hold structural integreity in the even of short circuiting, event to extreme termperatures. This Sealed-SafeTM design protects the racer and meets all the safety rules for racing.  Braille’s MICRO-LiTE Race Batteries are built in the USA and covered by a 1 year Racing and Street Use Warranty. For more information, head to www.braillebattery.com.


The 2010 action packed Justice Brothers Racing Calendar is now available. Number 34 in the annual series, the photos cover the many facets of motorsports competition that Justice Brothers has sponsored and supported over the years. Thus the theme "We’ve been around the block", and around the racetrack countless times. Justice Brothers has won the coveted International Automotive Media Gold Medal Award several times for prior racing calendars.

All the powerful action photos have been hand picked by Ed Justice, Jr., assisted by a panel of motorsports experts, covering vehicles from Indianapolis to Baja. Designed by Ed, and the graphics staff at Justice Brothers, this calendar is a must have for any racing enthusiast’s office or home shop. Race into the new decade with your copy, only available at the Justice Brothers Racing Museum in Duarte, CA, or order it online at www.justicebrothers.com.

Custom "PERFECT LAUNCH" GM And FORD Differential Covers From Proform

Proform/Specialty Auto Parts has added this newly designed PERFECT LAUNCH differential cover to their ever growing line of GM and Ford performance parts. These covers are available for the GM 10-bolt, the GM 12-bolt and the Ford 8.8-inch rear ends. Suggested retail price for these black finished aluminum covers is approximately $98.00.

You can lose a little weight in your rear end with these PERFECT LAUNCH reinforced lightweight covers. They have been specifically designed to add strength to the rear housing case, particularly during heavy torque situations. The aggressive PERFECT LAUNCH logo is machined on the raised reinforcing surface, announcing your latest victory! Each cover includes two bolts to stabilize bearing main caps, two magnetic drain plugs and mounting bolts. Less weight equals more speed!

For complete information on these lightweight covers and all of Proform’s internal and external engine parts and inexpensive tools, visit www.proformparts.com.