Hi-revving performance Ford engines need high performance roller tip, roller pivot aluminum rocker arms. PROFORM®/Specialty Auto Parts has just released these inexpensive extruded aluminum rockers for small- block pedestal mounted roller cam engines. You get the lightweight of aluminum coupled with the high efficiency of roller engineering. These roller rockers are suitable for both street and strip use, and come with a blue anodized finish, which is impervious to internal engine chemicals.

These PROFORM® roller rockers are available in 1.6 ratio (#66879) and 1.7-ratio (#66878) for 1977-’94 302 HO and 351W engines with 5/16-inch studs, and 1.73-ratio (#66861C) for the Ford 302, Boss 351C, 429 and 460 engines with 7/16-inch studs. Obviously, if you’re building a performance Ford engine these are the roller rockers you need, plus you can install these high quality rockers for a fraction of the price of competitive parts. To preview all of PROFORM’s quality engine building parts and tools visit www.proformparts.com.

SBC LT-1 Main Stud Kit w/windage tray 134-5502

Pro Series 8740 main stud kit for 1992-1997 Small block Chevrolet LT-1 applications equipped with a factory windage tray.

Part No. 134-5502 - includes a set of seven main studs, three windage tray studs, ten parallel ground washers, ten hex nuts and six windage tray retaining nuts.

All 8740 Pro Series studs are centerless ground, heat treated prior to thread rolling and machining, and are nominally rated at 200,000 psi. These fasteners deliver a 15% increase in tensile strength over the OEM main bolts. Click here for more information.

Bulk Fastener Bins

Available in both black oxide and stainless, 12 point and hex, these cabinets should be part of every shop's inventory.  Pre-stocked with popular fastener sizes.

Click here for more information.

ZEX Pontiac G8 GT Nitrous System

ZEX announces the introduction of the perfect add-on nitrous kit for 2008 & newer Pontiac G8 GT owners. The ZEX Pontiac G8 GT Nitrous System includes everything required to add from 75 to 175 additional horsepower to the stock or modified LS3 engine. Even better, this vehicle specific system is engineered to be completely compatible with the complex and often hard-to-adapt OE throttle-by-wire electronics.

The ZEX Pontiac G8 GT Nitrous System incorporates an electronic throttle position sensor switch that ensures perfect activation at wide-open throttle every time – no cumbersome activation buttons to distract you from driving. The patented ZEX Active Fuel Control adjusts the system’s fuel enrichment according to bottle pressure, so your engine never operates in an unsafe rich or lean condition. To make things easy, the kit also includes a special nitrous management unit bracket for easy under-hood mounting so you’ll be up and running in just two hours with a minimum of installation effort.