Classic Tube has a StopFlex Braided Hose Kit or custom application for your domestic or import car, truck or SUV. From 1960’s muscle cars to present day luxury SUV’s, Classic Tube has it all. Individual hoses can be made to your specifications for custom applications, or pre-made hose kits shipped from Classic Tube’s comprehensive inventory!

StopFlex is D.O.T. approved because it meets or exceeds the industry’s strictest manufacturing standards. Braided Stainless Steel StopFlex is made with Teflon hose, Kevlar braid covered with Stainless Steel braid, and features weight-saving crimp/swage fittings. With StopFlex there is no volumetric expansion in the hose, resulting in a much firmer pedal feel and increased braking efficiency. Standard replacement or custom made lengths are always available. To preview all Classic Tubes products, visit www.classictube.com.


Dirty oil is your engine’s number one enemy. And changing your oil and filter every three thousand miles gets very expensive over the years. Professional Products new Powerfilter Oil Filter eliminates buying a new filter at each oil change and prolongs the cleanliness of your oil. It lasts virtually forever and can be the last oil filter you buy for your vehicle. Powerfilter Oil Filters fit a wide range of popular engines including most domestic cars and trucks.

The Professional Products Powerfilter looks as good as it filters. Its fully machined housing contains an extra fine double mesh washable filter element and it’s at home on a show car, street rod or daily driver. Powerfilter is machined to exact tolerances and fit, and the quad bypass design assures no unfiltered oil reaches the engine. Powerfilter is O-ringed at all sealing joints and contains a cleanable duplex woven deep pleated 45-micron stainless filter element. Plus there is a magnet in the base to collect microscopic particles! This filtering system is vastly superior to normal paper elements or other specialty filters. Though not necessary, for those who choose to change the filter over time, replacements are available. Suggested retail price for this reusable oil filter is $110. For a complete list of Powerfilter engine applications visit www.professional-products.com.


Classic Tube has all the tools and accessories necessary for almost any do-it-yourself automotive tubing project. Now, even a novice can bend and flare tubing for brake, fuel, transmission, vacuum, oil, coolant, and hydraulic, or any other hard line application. Unique tools, like the Swivel Handle Tube Bender and the Tube Straightening Tool make any job easier. The Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool Kit easily fabricates single & double flares, bubble flares, push-connect flares, hose flares and GM fuel line flares from 3/16 to ½-inch OD. Tube wrenches for precise installation of your lines are recommended.

Classic Tube’s Power Bleeder, with its built-in hand pump, makes bleeding your brake lines a simple and quick one-person job. The Power Bleeder removes air and moisture from your hydraulic system for a firmer pedal and safer system.

A large assortment of brake valves are available, including Adjustable Brake Proportioning Valves, which adjust front to rear brake bias and can obtain a 60% reduction in pressure to the rear. As a final touch, Classic Tube offers three types of brake fluid. Silicone Brake Fluid DOT 5, which doesn’t need to be replaced, low moisture absorbing DOT 4 for street use, and hi-temp racing brake fluid DOT 3. Visit www.classictube.com to preview all their tools, pre-bent hard lines and other fluid transfer products.