FireCore50 Ignition Wires

Consistent current flow has been proven to enhance performance. FireCore50 ignition wires have been dyno-tested, and race track proven. They increase power by getting more energy to the plug so you can get more power from your engine. When it’s time to replace your plug wires or just to give your engine the spark it deserves, you will not be disappointed with the performance and look of the FireCore50 ignition wires.

  1. Dyno-proven against the competition
  2. Highest-quality and most consistent ignition wires on the market
  3. Time after time improved performance
  4. Cleans up your engine compartment
  5. Out of the box custom fit
  6. Satisfaction is our guarantee. We are a small, family-owned company, in business to bring a great quality product to you. This ensures one on one quality assurance.

For more information, go to http://www.firecore50.com.

Innovative Champion One-Piece ‘High-Thread’ Spark Plug

Federal-Mogul Corporation’s  world-renowned Champion spark plug brand offers a proven problem-solving spark plug design that eliminates an engine tuning issue affecting millions of Ford 4.6L, 5.4L and 6.8L engines.

The innovative Champion Double Platinum Power spark plug (p/n 7989) utilizes a one-piece “high-thread” design that replaces two-piece original equipment and/or aftermarket plugs utilized in these engines. When servicing the engines, professionals and do-it-yourselfers often find that plugs can separate during removal, potentially leaving the base trapped within the engine’s cylinder head. The Champion one-piece design solves this problem.

In addition to its problem-solving design, the new Champion Double Platinum Power plug features an extended ceramic post that virtually eliminates flashover, and an advanced J-gap configuration that is easier to set and helps ensure more efficient ignition performance. Like all premium Champion plugs, the new Double Platinum Power spark plug also features the brand’s exclusive Heat-Active alloy, which enables the plug to more quickly reach and maintain the optimum temperature range.

For additional information regarding Champion spark plugs and the brand’s other performance-driven products, visit www.federalmogul.com.

The Super Hurricane From Professional Products

The Super Hurricane intake from Professional Products assists in making big-inch power from your monster small-block. Using the right combination of parts, you can build a 545 or 468-cid small-block, and this is the only intake on the market specifically designed for these new big-inch small-block Chevy’s. This intake will also work great on smaller CID alcohol engines, which require larger volume runners and plenum.

Designed with an extra large plenum and specially shaped high-flow runners, the Super Hurricane is perfect for engines with 23-degree heads and displacing over 420-cid on gas, or over 350-cid on alcohol. Conveniently engineered into the Super Hurricane are injector bosses for those engines equipped with fuel-injection. The Super Hurricane is popular in all forms of racing due to its low cost and outstanding power output. Multiple dyno tests on several engines have shown significant power increases. The Super Hurricane is available polished at approx. $320 or satin finish at approx. $250.

Visit www.professional-products.com to preview all their street/strip performance parts.