Volume X, Issue 7, Page 100

More Power For Small Engines By Quick Fuel Technology

QFT engineered most SS-650-BAN carbs without a choke to keep the air passages clear eliminating potential clearance issues with some bonnets. The primary side jetting is calibrated closer to a naturally aspirated engine to provide a cleaner running and more responsive engine during non-boost operation. Just like all of QFT's Super Street carburetors, the power valve channel restrictions are changeable, allowing for fine-tuning with the proper air/fuel monitoring tools. The SS-650-BAN features annular boosters, like those found in larger forced-induction carbs from QFT, which help extend the RPM range of the engine.

The QFT Super Street Blow-Thru Forced Induction carb features a modified throttle body with machined channels that align with grooves in the throttle shafts. These channels provide a path for the built-up fuel to return to the intake manifold when the throttle plates slam shut when lifting off the throttle quickly. Otherwise this fuel build up tends to leak out the end of the throttle shafts.

For more information, visit Quick Fuel Technology on the web at www.quickfueltechnology.com or e-mail the fuel delivery experts at quickfuel@earthlink.net.

STACK ST8110SR Integrated Dash Displays

These compact instruments are perfect for competition and high performance street vehicles looking for an all business information display system with an integrated boost channel. ST8110SRs are available in both black and white dial configurations with low glare satin black bezels to suit your visual preference. All Stack ST8110SR Integrated Dash Displays feature the legendary and extremely rugged, Stack stepper-motor movement, utilizing Digital Quartz accuracy for unparalleled precision and driver readability. Tachometer display is configurable for most engine types with standard or magneto style ignitions. ST8110SRs come standard with the following features:

  1. Peak ‘Tell-Tale’ memory for all monitored engine parameters
  2. Monitors and displays Boost pressure, engine RPM, speed, fuel level (programmable), fuel pressure, oil pressure, water temperature, voltmeter, odometer, and trip meter functions.
  3. System is supplied complete with lightweight and durable solid state sensors (except fuel level), as well as a ready wired harness.
  4. Shift Light Ready! For use with optional plug in single stage or multi stage sequential shift light (sold separately).
  5. Intelligent Alarm warning system and integrated light, with user programmable warning points for all monitored engine parameters
  6. Separate Low Fuel Level Warning Light

STACK ST8110SRs utilize full time, blue LED backlighting to reduce current draw, provide excellent nighttime visibility as well as exceptional vibration resistance. Off-road and open top vehicle aficionados will appreciate the ST8110SR’s extremely durable lightweight carbon composite casing, which is fully sealed against dust and moisture, to exacting IP67 standards. Intuitive, pushbutton menu programming and page control, and twist-lock mil-spec professional motorsports wiring harness keep installation and operation simple.

For more information about these instruments and other quality STACK products visit www.stackinc.com.

ZEX 2007-Current Nissan 350Z Nitrous System

ZEX has developed an innovative wet nitrous system designed specifically for the new dual throttle body engine in the 2007 and newer 350Z’s. Every hose, wire and even a custom fuel line adapter has been engineered and manufactured for a perfect fit on the 350Z.

In addition to perfect fit and installation ease, the new ZEX Nissan 350Z Nitrous System incorporates the most technically advanced performance features available, including the patented ZEX Active Fuel Control. This feature automatically adjusts the nitrous fuel enrichment so your engine never runs too rich or too lean. In addition, the ZEX nitrous system features a throttle-by-wire compatible electronic TPS switch for system activation at wide-open throttle. Power settings are fully adjustable from 75 to 100 horsepower with the included tuning jets.

For more information about the ZEX Nissan 350Z Nitrous System or any other ZEX product, visit them online at www.zex.com.