Volume X, Issue 6, Page 115

RACEPAK AF-1 Single Channel Air Fuel Sensor Package

With the increased popularity of monitoring the air/fuel ratio of high performance engines, Racepak Data Systems has created the Racepak AF series of air/fuel sensor packages. Designed specifically for motorsports data acquisition, the first product available is the Racepak AF-1.

The Racepak AF-1 is a single channel air/fuel sensor package designed to be utilized with any of Racepak’s Vnet (canbus) series of data loggers. Engineered for the harsh conditions of the racing environment, the Racepak AF-1 package includes the following items:

  • Heat and water resistant controller with integrated Vnet module
  • Bosch LSU air/fuel sensor
  • Wiring harness
  • Installation instructions

The Racepak AF-1 is suitable for use with gasoline or alcohol, with calibration values available for either fuel types. The power supply requirement of 12 to 16 volts enables use with standard 12 volt or 16 volt high performance batteries. It also features a programmable 0-5 Volt analog output. 

Racepak’s exclusive Vnet sensor technology provides the ability for customers to quickly and easily upgrade new or existing Racepak Vnet data systems with single or multiple Racepak AF-1 sensor packages

Priced at $359.00 retail, the Racepak AF-1 provides accurate, high quality air/fuel ratio data, essential when tuning for optimum engine performance.

For more information on the Racepak AF-1 go to www.racepak.com.


For complete product details and dealer info, visit www.hedmanperformancegroup.com,


With the introduction of the new 8B 5000 aluminum block, BRODIX has taken the 5.0 bore spacing market to the next level. The 8B 5000 combines the size and durability of a 5.0 bore spacing block with the convenience and availability of its 4.480 bore spacing counterpart. These blocks are 100% CNC machined and employ the same technology that has made BRODIX the undisputed leader in aluminum block development.

•  First User-Friendly 5.0 Bore Spacing Block in the Industry
•  Raised Cam Location (1.0) Standard
•  Up to 11.625 Deck Height
•  Cam Bearings and Lifter Bores Available in Many Different Diameters

For more information, visit www.brodix.com.


You can design your own luxury-weight custom car and trunk mats from any combination of carpet colors, edging styles, heelpads, embroidery and logo options.

GG Bailey car mats are a custom-fit for your vehicle. You can design complimentary car mat colors for your interior or bright vibrant colors that make a statement like oriental, leopard, plaid or pink car mats. GG Bailey’s in-house designers are trusted by celebrities to outfit their vehicles with the latest designs and styles.

Online ordering makes selecting your luxury-weight, custom-designed carpet car mats simple and efficient. Choose your Year, Make and Model and create your mats using their Design Your Car Mat Virtual Mat that guides you through your design options. Through high-tech ordering and manufacturing processes, your mats will be made within Two Business Days from receipt of order.

Only with GG Bailey can you custom-design and personalize your car mats – you choose exactly how they will be made. Through their embroidery options you can embroider whatever you would like on your mats: personal, business, your favorite charity, sports names, initials, numbers and much more.

Available only at www.ggbailey.com.

Joe Gibbs Driven Introduces New Hot Rod Oil

Designed specifically for hot rod and street rod applications, Joe Gibbs Driven Hot Rod Oil was born from the company’s successful formulation of high-performance racing oils and lubricants – products developed by JGR’s three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship-winning engine builder Mark Cronquist and used by JGR’s Sprint Cup and NASCAR Nationwide Series teams.

Older-style engine configurations feature flat-tappet camshafts and pushrods just like NASCAR engines, and Joe Gibbs Driven Hot Rod Oil is designed to protect vital engine components in hot rods and street rods with the proper anti-wear additive package today’s conventional oils simply can’t deliver.   Joe Gibbs Driven Hot Rod Oil is even more effective for the niche market for which it was made, as it contains a unique storage additive designed to protect against rust and corrosion if the car sits idle for long periods of time.  It’s the same protective additive technology used by the U.S. Military for storing and shipping mechanized combat equipment. 

Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oil is the same oil used today by JGR, and it’s now used by thousands of racers across the country and on four continents because it provides superior protection and more horsepower.  Its new Joe Gibbs Driven Hot Rod Oil can be found at select dealer locations nationwide. 

To find a dealer near you and to learn more about Joe Gibbs Driven, please visit www.JoeGibbsDriven.com.