Volume X, Issue 10, Page 120


After a year of development and testing on different platforms including PC, Mac and iPhone, DragTracker.com is finally ready and open FREELY to ALL drag racers.

The run logging system allows you to add archives of your runs by importing an Excel file, or entering each run by hand. For all recent runs, weather data will be automatically filled in. It facilitates multiple runs from a single event by automatically populating related fields.

The most powerful feature of DragTracker is the search capability within the user account. Search fields include all notes and every field containing data including weather fields and even calculated fields such as horsepower and density-altitude.

The track database is comprehensive and completely covers all contact and weather information you will need for race day.
For information about upcoming features, visit the Introduction Page: www.dragtracker.com/articles/services-and-introduction.php

New Littlefield Blowers

The latest case design from Littlefield Blowers increases boost, improves stability and ensures consistent performance from one supercharger to the next.

New, inset bearing plates extend billet material into both ends of the case, adding strength and rigidity.  The front plate’s air intake is scalloped to allow more air into the valley of the rotor, increasing boost significantly.  Backfires are less likely to damage a blower whose end plates are inserted inside the case (instead of attached externally with dowel pins).

This LB20-series supercharger is available for competition applications in 6-71, 8-71 and 14-71 sizes, with either high-helix or standard rotors.  Littlefield blowers and all drive accessories are manufactured in-house to absolutely ensure quality control, consistent performance and long life.             

Visit www.littlefieldblowers.com for additional details, or call (714) 992-9292.  A free LB20-series flyer is also available upon request from Littlefield Blowers, Dept. DRO, 1114 Kimberly, Anaheim, CA 92801. 

K&R Performance Engineering Releases New Pro-Cube II Delay Box

The biggest enhancement in the Pro-Cube II is the new Z-force transbrake trigger capability. Z-force, short for zero force, is an option exclusive to the K&R Pro-Cube II delay box that allows the driver to depress the transbrake button to start the delay cycle, rather than release it. On and off-track testing has shown monumental gains in reaction consistency for many drivers using this system over the universally accepted ‘push and release’ routine.

“The Z-force option isn’t a completely foreign concept. We’ve used and sold an adapter box in the past that allowed a similar routine,” explained K&R’s Kevin Rodden. “I’m a bracket racer myself, and I started ‘pushing’ rather than letting go of the button a few years ago. My reaction times have improved as a result, as have many of our customers. With the new Pro-Cube II, we simply made Z-force an option. Now the ‘push’ capability is there in one box, and the Z-force option is easily enabled and un-enabled, so drivers have the choice whether to ‘let go’ or to ‘push’ to start the delay cycle.”

The Z-Force option works like this. In a typical race setting with a standard delay box, a racer depresses the transbrake switch upon completing his or her staging procedure, then releases the button when the Christmas tree activates, thus starting the delay cycle that eventually releases the transbrake and launches the vehicle. With Z-force, upon completing the staging procedure, the driver taps and releases the transbrake switch. This locks the transbrake, holding the vehicle steady. When the Christmas tree activates, the driver then depresses the transbrake switch again to activate the delay cycle. It is the depression, or contact of the switch that activates the cycle, not the release.

The K&R Pro-Cube II delay box has all the features and benefits that K&R customers have come to love from the original Pro-Cube design. The Pro-Cube II comes in the same compact, easy-to-use (even with gloves on) design, and has the same dimensions and mounting hardware as it’s predecessor. Just like the original Pro-Cube, the Pro-Cube II offers K&R’s familiar “Bump Down” and “Bump Up” features, a large LCD display, quick set switches for easy & instant changes in any setting, Flinch protection, Transbrake lockout options, Full & Pro Tree modes (that save independently for quick and easy transformation), 3 separate and independent timers (for throttle stops, shifters, nitrous, etc.), K&R Pro-Stage technology, LED Indicators, and built-in overload protection. And of course, the Z-force option is easily activated and de-activated for drivers to use either driving style.

As a limited time bonus, K&R is offering the “Carbon Illusion” Pro-Cube II delay box as pictured at no additional cost. The Pro-Cube II is also available in the standard K&R “Slate” gray metallic finish. For more information, contact K&R online at www.KRPerformance.com.