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Racing a Mopar just got serious now that MAHLE has introduced a  PowerPak piston kit for the 5.7L New Hemi engine. The PowerPak race ready, drop-in kit includes deburred, dual coated, pistons, ultra flat 1.5, 1.5, 3mm low drag rings, high grade German steel pins, and round wire locks.

Forged from MS124 aluminum alloy, MAHLE MotorSport’s signature gray pistons feature two coatings; a phosphate dry film lubricant that reduces microwelding and pin galling for lasting performance, and Grafal®, a MAHLE proprietary compressible skirt coating.

Designed for value, performance, and long lasting durability, MAHLE pistons are CNC machined to the tightest tolerances and feature precision ring grooves that seat perfectly to MAHLE’s ultra flat rings for minimal compression loss. Forced pin oiling and precision pin fitting for a .945” high quality steel wrist pin
(126 grams) is standard.

For more information visit www.mahlemotorsports.com.

Mean Green Street Machine E85 Super Street Carb

The E85 Super Street carb features an aluminum main body specially constructed with a solid-state electric choke for easy starting year-round. QFT's billet metering blocks eliminate cross-well bleeding that can occur with die cast blocks, and also provide consistent precision metering. The lightweight design of the QFT Super Street carb is over 5-lbs lighter than the nearest competition.

Dual metering blocks accommodate a race style four corner idle system as well as superior secondary metering. A billet throttle body, fitted with QFT’s proprietary Teflon® coated throttle shafts and low profile button head screws, coupled with Teflon® coated throttle shaft ribbons, ensures light pedal effort and greater airflow. QFT’s exclusive lightweight contoured aluminum float bowls contain clear sight windows for easy float level adjustment.

E85 produces more horsepower than racing gasoline without modifications to the engine. With E85s 105-octane rating, the total timing and compression of the engine can be increased over today's conventional gasoline settings.

For more information, visit Quick Fuel Technology online at: www.quickfueltechnology.com.

Justice Brothers Carburetor Cleaner

Your carburetor and internal engine parts are calibrated to perform in concert, providing the best gas mileage and performance. Any changes, caused by dirty or clogged parts, affects the air/fuel mixture negatively, causing loss of mileage and a poor running engine. Varnish, gum and combustion byproducts like carbon, are created naturally inside your engine and can build up over time. Justice Brothers in-tank Carburetor Cleaner assists in eliminating these chemical buildups.

By adding Carburetor Cleaner, a special purpose cleaner, to the gas tank you can combat these harmful engine byproducts and remove water condensation from the tank. Carburetor Cleaner not only cleans the carburetor, it reduces carbon deposits in the upper combustion chamber, which can cause pinging and engine run-on. Make sure your engine and carburetor are clean and functioning properly, add a bottle of Carburetor Cleaner at your next fill-up! To preview all of their car care products visit www.justicebrothers.com. 

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